Posted by Bob Moulton on Jul 20, 2019
We are in search of Rotary Youth Exchange HOST Families!
Have you ever considered hosting a foreign exchange student? NOW is your time!! We have a young man from Brazil joining our community for the 2019/2020 school year. He would love to experience OUR culture with YOUR family, and likewise, you can learn all about his culture, too!! It's a win-win!
A Youth Exchange Student typically resides with your family for approximately 3 to 5 short months, as we aim to have at least 2 and possibly 3 host families per school year. During this time, these students become part of your family, someone you will remember forever and look forward to keeping in touch with over the years, long after they have graduated from Souhegan High School and moved back home! Most financial responsibilities are taken care of by the Milford Rotary Club and/or the Youth Exchange Student.
If you, or someone you know, would be interested in this rewarding opportunity, please contact Milford Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator, Bob Moulton at (603) 860-3314 or
Rotary Youth Exchange Students  2018-2019 
Loving family needed for exchange student
If you have room in your home and space in your heart, please consider serving as a host family for our Milford Rotary Club international exchange student for school year 2019-20.  Our incoming student will live with two families, who will host for five months each, one from mid-to-late August through January, and the second family from January through mid-June.  Single-person homes to families with multiple siblings can all serve as loving and learning experiences for an exchange student.  And you, in return, will also experience love and learning, insight and new understanding that can expand your world in many ways.
This year’s incoming student is a 16-year-old male, coming to us from Brazil, who will be attending Souhegan High School.  He is very excited about his year on exchange, believing that “physical borders should not limit anyone’s objectives” as he becomes “a responsible and more complete citizen of the world”.  He is a “true sports lover” and plays basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball and handball.  But his passion is snowboarding, which he has learned during family vacations to Europe.  He also plays piano “a little bit” and has won several talent competitions playing with his brother who is a violinist.  His father says he is very excited to learn about new cultures, is intelligent and has a natural affinity for sports.
He will fully participate in classes at Souhegan and may participate with various school sport teams or other school groups.  He is here to experience the many different aspects of life in New Hampshire, including a loving host family experience.
Essentially, he would become like a son to you, and a brother to your own children, while in your home.  He would participate with chores and responsibilities and you would provide the same for him as you would your own (although the Rotary club provides a monthly allowance to the student for personal expenses).
Hosting an exchange student is fun, educational, and mostly it’s incredibly inspiring.  It’s how we can all contribute to building a world with better understanding and respect between people and cultures.  If you become a host family, I believe that you will see why Rotarians are passionate about this program and the life-changing experience it gives everyone involved.
Our student is searching for two host families for the coming year.  I am happy to share more information if you’d like to explore further. Please reply and we’ll arrange a phone call.  I’m looking forward to talking!
Bob Moulton
Local Coordinator
Milford Rotary Club