We recently held our annual Passing of the Gavel, via a Zoom meeting, and the 2020/2021 Board of Directors took their oaths of office for this new Rotary year.  As is tradition, Milford Rotary Past President Chris Rogers, CPA, presided over this year’s event.
The incoming leadership team includes: President Tim Finan, President Elect Paula Telage, Vice President Doug Knott, Immediate Past President Janet Langdell, Secretary Tom Young, Assistant Secretary Jane Lyttle, Treasurer Todd Leo, Assistant Treasurer Verna Hoyt and Directors David Hanlon, Billy Clark, Mac McNamara, Paul Wydra, Douglas Rupert and Claudine Hessmer-Husainy, Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Ciardelli and Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Grella.  Thank you all - it will be a great year!