Throughout the months of event planning, Club and committee members were concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on the logistics of the 100 Holes event, and, especially, on the willingness and ability of gofers and sponsors to participate. As it turns out, this will be a record breaking year for 100 Holes of Golf fundraising thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support  from all of the golfers and sponsors, and from everyone who purchased a raffle ticket! THANK YOU ALL!  BRAVO to the 100 Holes Committee for their steadfast perseverance and for leading the way!
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Congratulations to all of the 56 Golfers who braved the course for nearly 14 hours on Friday June 26th!
The 100 Holes Madras Plaid Jacket – Congratulations to Jason Francoeur on being the Madras Plaid Jacket recipient (overall lowest gross score).
The 2020 Ted Jordan Award – Congratulations to Josh Larabee on a fabulous day of golf and earning this year’s Ted Jordan award (overall lowest net score)

1st Flight Winners – Congratulations to Jason Francoeur (lowest Gross score) and  Mike Dionne (lowest Net score).
2nd Flight Winners – Congratulations to Matt Dougherty (lowest Gross score) Josh Larabee (lowest Net score).
3rd Flight Winners – Congratulations to Ray Bent (lowest Gross score) and Karen Ray (lowest Net score).
100 Holes Raffle Winners
The Prize
The Winners
1st - $5000
Robert Philbrick
2nd - $2000
John Bilodeau
3rd - $1250
Dawn Tuomala
4th - $1000
The Bent Family
5th - $750
Pat Golding
6th - $500
Len Pepe
7th - $500
Peter Flynn
8th - $500
Steve Norton
9th - $500
Alan Kingsbury
10th - $500
Tim Merrill
To view some photos from this year's 100 Holes event Click Here