Your organization may be eligible for a Small Donations up to a maximum of $500.00.  Please review the criteria on the chart below.
Please e-mail your request providing the information on the below form to Rotary Club of Hamilton AM – Small Donations Request -
or mail Rotary Club of Hamilton AM, PO BOX 209, 423 King St West, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y1
Small Donation - Request Form
Date:  ______________ Amount requested: [max $500]    $____________  
Organization the donation would be payable to if approved:
Name of organization:   _______________________________
Attention of: ________________________________________
         Address:     _________________________________________
                  City: _________________               Postal Code:  _________
                  Contact info – Phone number ________________________
              Email ________________________________
Please confirm compliance with donation criteria and attach explanatory notes:
Criteria to be met
The donation must be for a specific project
The project must be community focused
The project must fit with current Rotary Club of Hamilton AM’s priorities such as i) Literacy,
ii) poverty, iii) children’s well-being, etc.
The project must be within the City of Hamilton, preferably the North End if possible or within  reasonable proximity
The donation must be time specific, not open- ended and thereby used within a reasonable time frame, in the opinion of the Rotary Club
Signature of Official submitting request ______________________