Last year, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM through its World Community Services Committee selected three important projects in the world to donate to.  Here is a summary what we did.  
Drinking Fountains in Mexico
The drinking fountain project of the Rotary Club of Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico, (Club Rotario Valladolid Pueblo Magico) will provide safe, clean drinking water to thousands of primary school children in Valladolid and the surrounding villages. Thanks to the donation of the Hamilton AM Rotary Club, two of the 45 elementary schools identified by the Club Rotario Valladolid will receive drinking fountains.
Salama Shield
The Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) has benefited from an ongoing partnership with the Rotary Hamilton AM club. The impact of its intervention support for vulnerable persons and communities in Uganda cannot be overstated. SS is currently advancing a comprehensive youth program that offers a variety of educational, income-generating, and skills-based training experiences.
We had a Dental Camp this past weekend in Lyantonde.  Six dentists from San Francisco came to Lyantonde and operated on the many persons who showed up.  This young girl shown in the picture had black teeth a few days ago!  They spent 8 hours making her smile again.  She had been reclusive, shunned, and ignored in the community.  She is clearly changed as a result of this intervention. 
Haiti Water For Life Program, Artibonite Valley Haiti
Since its beginning 22 years ago the Haiti Water For Life Program has provided clean water to over 200,000 people located in the Artibonite Valley in Central Haiti.  The current well total is approximately 265. New wells are drilled on a planned basis, approximately one every couple of months depending upon the difficulty and location.  Each well averages about $5000 US in cost.  Water projects are placed in school yards, community squares and other secure areas where the local communities have access to the water. In addition, the program has provided training to local plumbers who take the responsibility to maintain the wells which includes annual checks for quality and operation.  Due to the local management and every well that has been drilled continues to provide water to the local communities. In recent years the program was expanded to include the building of latrines in areas of the valley to help protect the ground water.  To date approximately 1000 latrines of various sizes have been completed.