Our guest speaker on September 27, 2017, was Rob McIsaac, President, Hamilton Health Sciences
Rob is the former President of Mohawk College, the first Chairman of Metrolinx and the former Mayor of the City of Burlington.  He spoke on the challenges and opportunities for Hamilton Health Sciences.  Rob informed the club that Hamilton Health Sciences is presently overwhelmed with capacity issues as the corporation is currently operating at 115% capacity, serving 2.5 million patients, however, possesses a goal of operating at 90% of capacity.   Rob also informed the club that Hamilton Health Sciences is facing multiple challenges.  Firstly, the Provincial government is providing constraints on funding the corporation to the tune of a $120 million reduction in the operating budget.  Secondly, there is a rise of chronic disease resulting from, among other items, an aging population in the region.  Thirdly, Rob informed the club that the purchase of new technology for the corporation is both necessary and expensive.  To face these challenges and to save money, the corporation has primarily responded by contracting out services and deferring capital expenditures.  The corporation has also made 1,000 changes to its operating methodologies and has made change management a focus of its daily operating protocol.  There are opportunities, however, for Hamilton Health Sciences corporation as it realigns to meets a changing operating environment.  Firstly, it may make changes to its services and move away from becoming the default provider for health care in the region.  It may also break down silos of management and care by providing a more coordinated and cooperative approach to patient management in Hamilton.  To do this, among other initiatives, Rob is meeting with Doctors and home care providers in an effort to educate and have the community offer alternative patient care models. Examples of changing focus are ‘one-on-one coaching’ between the physician/service provider and the patient.   and a focus on sharing the health care responsibilities of the patient between the services providers in the region and Hamilton Health Sciences corporation.
Hamilton Health Sciences is among the top three research hospital corporations in Ontario and among the top five in Canada; and provides services to patients throughout Ontario.  Club members were advised to read the book ‘Being Mortal’ by Atul Gawande (http://atulgawande.com/book/being-mortal/) if a member has a specific interest in learning how to take care of the elderly.