Contact: Mark Ewer
Hamilton AM
Regular Meeting Location
William's Fresh Cafe
47 Discovery Drive
Hamilton, ON  L8L 8K4
Hello, Rotary Club of Hamilton AM!
I am delighted to be your guest speaker.  I will present on a very timely topic: a book about navigating the long-term care system with an elderly parent.
My sister Pat and I designed this book to help families find their way through what is often a very complex and frustrating bureaucracy.
It’s called:  “Proactive and Prepared - The Indispensable Survival Guide to Ontario’s Long-term Care System:  Practical tips to help you and your family”.
The book was inspired by a feature article that I wrote for The Spectator earlier this year after the passing of our Mom, Verna, in long-term care.
It was about our family’s journey through the system, and what a roller coaster ride it was.
Here’s a link to a version of the story in The Peterborough Examiner … (The Spec has a paywall up.)
I strongly - strongly - believe that many baby boomers are completely unprepared for the journey they will soon be going on
with their elderly parents.  The long term care system is incredibly complicated and such a huge bureaucracy.  We felt so ill informed, and ill equipped
to make the decisions we had to make for our Mom.  
We’re expecting that the book should be released in October - or possibly early November.
I feel that my mission is to get this survival guide to everyone in Ontario who might benefit from it - and to help families so that they won’t have to struggle
the way ours did.  My intention is to do a tour of Ontario, and to speak to as many baby boomers and seniors as I possibly can so that they can spread the word.
I spent many years as a journalist at CHCH-tv and CHML radio, however have also been a secondary teacher, and am now a health promoter and freelance journalist.
(I went back to school a few years ago to study in a field known as Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion.)  Feel free to take a look at my website, designed
to promote mindful living, meditation and self-care:
You may have heard that I’m also one of what’s known as “The Mars 100”.  The opportunity to live on Mars has given me the unique chance to re-examine 
the way we do things here on Earth.  There’s no doubt that one thing we could do better is to help each other survive the experience of putting a parent into long-term care.
Our hope is that this book will do exactly that.
Looking forward to speaking at your club!
Karen Cumming