Contact: Mark Ewer
Hamilton AM
Regular Meeting Location
William's Fresh Cafe
47 Discovery Drive
Hamilton, ON  L8L 8K4

Chez Dine is an online marketplace that connects people that love to cook with people that love to eat. Everything from in-home dining to underground experiences. Jen is here to share her journey, aspirations and how the community is the connection that offers A Taste of Togetherness

Speaker's Biography
Jen Stokes, a born and raised Hamiltonian, left the city in her early 20's. Married, children, businesses, success, hard fails and everything in between. She came back to the city 4 years ago with just the clothes on her back. A David & Goliath story of redemption, resilience and hard work. She started Chez Dine a couple of years ago. Her time and service in the hospitality industry prompted her to follow an already budding vision of the power of one.