WCAX Weather Woman Describes
Impact of Covid-19 to Ludlow Rotary
Sharon Meyer, key weather woman at WCAX-TV, was the guest speaker recently at the on-line meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club LRC).
Sharon devoted her presentation to the effect the Covid-19 crisis had on her personally and its impact on how WCAX adapted to the rigorous demands of dealing with the virus.
The meeting, held using the Zoom app, allowed members of the LRC to get a detailed picture of the changes that the station and its personnel had to make to operate.  The main change was working from home.  This required that the various reporters, weather staff, and production staff by in large work from home.
She noted that the most difficult phase of this adjustment was for production staff who needed to be “hands-on” with the various technical equipment used to produce live and recorded news and weather programs.
On a personal note, Sharon noted that she was on vacation in Mexico at the onset of the virus.  On her return to Vermont, she learned that she would have to spend 14 days in isolation, following the newly-introduced requirements of Gov. Scott.
During a Q and A session following Sharon’s presentation, Brett Wright, a LRC Rotarian, described the similar difficulties he encountered when he tried to leave the Dominican Republic.  He finally found a flight carrying American citizens back to the states only to learn that all the rental car companies had no more cars to rent due to the heavy demand created by the coronavirus crisis.
Caption to attached photo:
Pictured above is Sharon Meyer, a weather woman for WCAX, during her Zoom, on-line, discussion with members of the Ludlow Rotary Club.