Recently the 1st grade students at Ludlow Elementary School (LES) received personalized school books from the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC).  Pictured above are members of Mrs. Lauren Seber's 1st grade class at LES as they show their new, personalized books, donated to them by LRC Rotarian, Sharon Bixby, on behalf of the club.  According to Tom Harris, a fellow LRC Rotarian, "The Ludlow Rotary Club has been providing personalized books, titled School is Fun to every first grader in our service area for about 23 years. We started buying the books around 1996 from Roy and Judy Quimby who had a booth at the Ludlow Vermont Harvest fair and have continued every year since. The Quimbys moved to Florida in 1998, and Roy has passed on, but to this day Judy still makes the books for us and we are very grateful".  The LRC has been donating these personalized books to all the 1st graders in the Ludlow, Cavendish, and Mt Holly elementary schools during this period as part of its literacy program.  In addition to this program, the LRC also provides free monthly books to young toddlers as part of its Dolly Parton Imagination Library project.