John Predom Describes Snowshoe
Art to Ludlow Rotary Club Members
At its recent weekly meeting, members of the Ludlow Rotary were pleasantly witness to the snowshoe artistry of John Predom, formerly of Ludlow now a happy resident in the North East Kingdom.
Predom described how he developed his snowshoe art, noting that it took about 4 to 6 hours, or up to six miles of walking to create his graphic art work.  He usually used his own “back field” to create the art but required a drone to take photos of it.
When asked what type of showshow he preferred, Predom said that he liked wooden shoes, as opposed to metal, and that they measured 46 inches in length and about a foot in width.
He commented that “doing straight lines was much harder than walking in circles” due to the not-so-flat nature of the land.
One Rotarian asked him if he ever made a mistake.  To this Predom admitted that he did occasionally make mistakes and that they were hard to correct since the impressions in the snow were obvious.
Predom maintains a facebook page,, where some of his graphic art may be seen.
Above is one of the many graphic art designs created by John Predom as taken by a drone.  Some of his work has been recently featured on WCAX.
Here is a video link to follow for more fun:  Snowshoe art