Ludlow Rotary Raising Funds for Australian

Fire Victims – Both Human and Animal!


Given the enormity of the fires now threatening all of Australia, the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC) has initiated efforts to raise funds to help the Australian people and the millions of injured and dislocated animals in that country.


According to Mark Huntley, LRC President, “We will be joining Rotary International in raising funds to help the be leagued Australian people and animals begin to recover from the devastating fires currently engulfing that nation”.  He noted that the LRC’s fund raising effort would be in concert with Rotary International’s program to provide assistance, Rotary International Brush fires Appeal.


The local club will donate $2,000 to this fund split equally between humanity and wildlife rescue. All funds collected will be divided the same way.


The LRC Rotarians plan to distribute “drop-boxes” to many area stores and businesses so that additional funds will be secured for this effort.


Huntley indicated that “we suspect that everyone has been concerned about loss of life and property resulting from these fires in Australia and wants to find some way to help that nation recover and rebuild from this tremendous calamity”.  He noted that he, like many others, were particularly overcome by the plight of the animals like the koalas and kangaroos that we have become attached to.


In addition to the LRC donation and the drop-box collections, interested people may also send checks to the Ludlow Rotary Club’s tax-exempt organization.  The mailing address for such contributions is: Ludlow Area Rotary Charitable Fund, Inc. (LARCF), PO Box 216, Ludlow VT 05149.  This is a 501 (c) (3) organization so all contributions are tax-deductible.


More information on this effort may be obtained by calling 802-779-7194 or emailing LRC at