At its recent meeting, the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC) was addressed by Kelly Beerman, Conservation Director for the Ninevah Foundation, a group dedicated to the protection and conservation of Lake Ninevah in Mt Holly.
Beerman indicated that one of her primary concerns was the protection of the lake from aquatic invasive species.  She described how the foundation has created “greeters” who assist people visiting the lake and ensuring that no invasive species are allowed to enter the lake’s environment.
In describing some of the various projects she is responsible for, Beerman noted the grants used to underwrite the lake’s conservation.  She is also associated with the Farm and Wildness Foundation in a similar role.
The Ninevah Foundation is governed by a dedicated and knowledgeable staff as well as a diverse and experienced board of trustees. Our staff are well-versed in outdoor education and environmental stewardship. Many of our trustees were once campers and/or counselors at Farm & Wilderness camps, Ninevah Foundation’s affiliated partner.  As of 2018, Ninevah Foundation and Farm & Wilderness jointly share the same staff and board members as affiliated organizations.