The Ludlow Rotary continued its long tradition of awarding scholarships to eligible graduating high school seniors resident in Ludlow, Mt Holly, Plymouth and Cavendish.  The recipients were selected on the basis of the following equally-weighted criteria: scholastic achievement, financial need, realistic goals, extracurricular activities and community service.
On June 10, 2016, the $2,000 Daniel E. Kesman Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Sarah Martel of Green Mountain Union High School and a resident of Cavendish. 
On the same day, scholarships were awarded to seniors graduating from Black River High School:
  • $2,000 Robert W. Kirkbride Rotary Community Service Scholarship to Morgan Collins of Mt Holly.
  • $1,000 Ralph D. Hogan Vocational Education Scholarship to Rye Greineder of Mt Holly.
  • $1,000 traditional scholarship to Sadie Koponen of Mt Holly.
  • $1,000 traditional scholarship to Earle Brown of Ludlow.
The total of scholarships awarded by the Ludlow Rotary now is nearly $200,000.    
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