The Success by Six Committee of the Keene and Elm City Rotary Clubs offers mini-grants to local non-profit organizations for programs working with young children to help them start school ready to learn.
Purpose of Program: The Success by Six Grant Program encourages and facilitates community collaborations and partnerships to ensure that young children are healthy, nurtured and ready to successfully enter school by age 6.
Key Partners: The Keene Rotary and the Elm City Rotary jointly fund the core grants. The grant process is carried out by the Keene Rotary Success by Six Committee.
Geographic Focus: Grants are made to organizations in the City of Keene and the surrounding communities within the western Monadnock region and are expected to focus primarily on children from this region. Grant requests from collaborating organizations working jointly to carry out a project or mission, or those focused on diverse or disadvantaged children are especially welcome. Specific communities eligible for this grant are:
1. Alstead                                           8. Marlborough                         15. Surry
2. Chesterfield                                   9. Marlow                                  16. Swanzey
3. Fitzwilliam                                    10. Nelson                                  17. Troy
4. Gilsum                                           11. Richmond                            18. Walpole
5. Harrisville                                     12. Roxbury                               19. Westmoreland
6. Hinsdale                                        13. Stoddard                              20. Winchester
7. Keene                                            14. Sullivan
Criteria: Grant applications must indicate how the grant will improve the ability of children under the age of six to succeed educationally, developmentally or emotionally.
Grant Amounts: Grants up to $1,000 will be considered. Organizations should expect to spend the funds within 6-12 months, although exceptions may be granted in unusual circumstances. Any organization receiving funds may not apply in the following 2 grant cycles, but is welcome to apply again after that.
Grant Timing: Fall and Spring grants are awarded each year.
  • Spring Grants for 2024: Request for Grant Proposals issued April 5, 2024.
    Proposals due no later than end of business May 1, 2024. Committee decisions to be made no
    later than May 15. Notifications to grant recipients by May 30. Funds will be issued shortly
    thereafter. Follow-up Reports due by Dec 1.
  • Fall Grants: Request for Grant Proposals issued by Sept 15. Proposals due no later than end of business Oct 15. Committee decisions to be made no later than Nov 1. Notifications to grant recipients by Nov 15. Funds will be issued shortly thereafter. Follow-up Reports due by June 1 of the following year.
Information Required in Grant Application: Grant applications may be in any format, but should be succinct (no more than 2 pages.) They should be digitally submitted and should include the following information:
  • Project Summary: what are the funds to be used for and why?
  • Impact: what difference will the funds make to the children being served and how will you know that the funds have been effective?
  • Agency Overview: who is carrying out the work and why are they best qualified to do it?
  • Grant Time-line: when are the funds needed?
  • Amount being requested and whether it is part of a larger project or standalone; if part of a larger project, please provide a summary budget for the entire project.
  • Contact Information of grant recipient, including non-profit tax identification number
Reporting Required of Grantees: Organizations receiving grants must provide a one-page report within six months of receipt of the award, unless funds are to be spent within 12 months, which should be noted in the grant application. In that instance, a report by the end of the year may be submitted. This report should briefly outline what specifically the funds were expended upon and when, and what the outcome/impact of the funding has been. Consideration for future grants will be contingent upon timely receipt of grant reports.
Contact Information for Rotary Success by Six Grants: