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Note: The purpose of this newsletter is provide a report of our club’s meetings, a summary of the speakers talk and general information for members and other interested parties.  All information reported without prejudice.  Additional information is available on our Club’s website.

We Gather Thursdays at 12:00 Noon

at The Royal Canadian Legion

12 King Street East, 2nd floor, Boardroom B,

Stoney Creek, ON  Canada L8G 1J8.

Meeting Starts at 12:15pm

Mentoring - The Future for Service Clubs - Vocational Charity
Recently the future usefullness of Business Clubs and Community Service Clubs has been the discussion of a few of the meetings I have attended.  There seems to be a growing gap between the current members of these clubs and the potential new members they would like to bring into the group.  Much talk about the age and the attitude of what should be a potential new member has been harked on as the cause of the decrease in club involvement.  The atmosphere and changing work environment and business structure is also a big hurdle to get over.  Outside influences from family and a non business oriented social interaction also comes into play for the new work force.  Social media and the internet offering quick answers and solutions without time commitment is often the choice today.
What could a small business club like ours offer to entice this younger generation of entrepeneurs to attend a monthly lunch meeting?  How about experience, guidence and advice to help calm and center and individual?  Free, Open and Honest Mentorship.
Mentors provide business advice, as well as support and encouragement, to help young entrepreneurs remain focused on what is important for the success of their business.  We as experienced business people have all made life decisions for the good and the bad. We have all received advice and guidance that has helped us along the way.  We have all learned life lessons that have caused set back and financial and personal loss.  If we decide that others should benefit from our school of hard knocks and become open and honest business people we could offer our experienced ‘filter’ to listen and question members in their business decisions to help guide them into sound decisions in their career and life. To ask the awkward question that is in their thoughts but they are avoiding the answer.   I understand we are not trained advisors or life coaches. I would not suggest we pretend to be. I truly believe others should learn from my mistakes. I have been more than willing to tell others in the automotive field of those mistakes to keep them from repeating them in their own career path.  This has not cost me added competition but gained me trusted allies.
Our network of experienced and honest business contacts may not be the source of the new members we need but could be a resource of knowledge to help elevate new members in their field of employment.  I recently referred a young man coming out of University and looking for his first car to a client that owns a body shop and buys cars at auction.  He cleans them up and sells them to the public.  I know his work and was confident that he has a good product to sell.  A young man starting a house painting business that purchases his paint from a big box store I referred to a local paint supplier that helped him with his cost and product knowledge. 
            I believe we are all Mentors in some way. Every day of our life we teach someone something in our business practices, our actions and our interactions.  We can be a positive force in our local community just by being ourselves and encouraging others in the local economy.
37th Annual Auction Fundraising Dinner & Dance
The Rotary Club of Hamilton East Wentworth helds our Annual Charity Silent Auction Dinner and Dance on SATURDAY May the 6th at Michelangelo's on Upper Ottawa.  Around 80 guests enjoyed a wonderful Prime Rib dinner and had lots of great items to bid on, raffles and a Wine Barrel Draw.  A social event of the year for many this was our main fundraising effort to date. 
A representative from The Bob Kemp Hospice was on hand to receive our annual contribution of $3000 towards the care and upkeep.  Doctor Bod Kemp was a member of our Rotary and The Hamilton East Wentworth Rotary Club was the founding contributor to creation of the original hospice.
The remaining funds from this event go towards the many local charities and organizations in the community that help others.
We are non-profit and all of our members volunteer their time and pay full price for thier tickets.
Downtown Blues at The George Hamilton
Blues for Charity
.Sunday March 26th we are hosting a charity fundraiser at The George Hamilton. "An Afternoon of Blues" With The Shane Scott Band. Awesome Buffet is planned by the onsite chef. Party begins at 2pm but show up early and watch the runners cross the finish line for the The Around the Bay Road Race.
Tickets can be purchased by any of our Rotarians or by calling Paul Crossman at 905-512-+451
PAUL TRUDEL - Speaking about Refugees to Canada

The Journey From Erbil To Burlington
With the help of his church, Paul, with his wife and family have been sponsoring, a refugee family of six from Iraq, in Canada for the last few months.  During our lunch meeting he will present their story expressing the happiness, hardship and sorrow that he has experienced along with them on their journey.  This is a story that really brings the reality of the current middle east refugee situation into a personal human focus.
A Story that needs to be heard!   Please plan on attending!


The Journey From Erbil To Burlington
With the help of his church, Paul, with his wife and family have been sponsoring, a refugee family of six from Iraq, in Canada for the last few months.  During our lunch meeting he will present their story expressing the happiness, hardship and sorrow that he has experienced along with them on their journey.  This is a story that really brings the reality of the current middle east refugee situation into a personal human focus.
A Story that needs to be heard!   Please plan on attending!

SECOND FLOOR BOARD ROOM 12 King St E, Stoney Creek.

or call Milena @ BBM   905-523-8686

Meets weekly over lunch to discuss, plan and implement strategies on a local and international levels to make the world a better place.  If you have an interest in learning how you can be involved or assist us in our efforts please reach out to any of the members of our local Rotary Club at one of our meetings or check out our website.

City Kidz - Susan Morris Special Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Susan Morris from City Kidz spoke at our October 29th Meeting.
Rotarian Milena Balta presents Susan Morris with a personalized copy of the 'Hamiltons of the World' Rotary Book.Susan Morris from CityKidz returned to update us on the awesome things going on at CityKidz and the challenges that are being faced in bringing joy and hope into the under privileged youth of Hamilton.  Susan has been a volunteer and a fundraiser for this Non-Profit Charity for 16 years. 
They are preparing for the Big Dreams Banquet on November 19th, 2015 celebrating 22 years serving Hamiltons Youth.  They are getting out the Elf hats to reopen Santa's workshop for the Gift of Christmas annual Christmas event to make sure that they get a gift under the tree for over 4500 underprivileged children in the Hamilton area.  This is while they are still running the Saturday Theatre program for 2000 youth every week, visiting families on Wednesdays in th big red buses running a successful weekly youth leadership program for 250 plus 12-16 years old registered future leaders.  As impressive as the stats are, the story of youth member Craig is what drove home the need for with those in attendance.  Please read the letter from Craig below.
After another transformational year, they are excited to spend an evening with you
celebrating stories of hope! Featuring a special performance by Juno Award Winner
Diana Panton, testimonials from our inspiring youth, and a tremendous silent
auction to boot!
Thursday November 19th at The Hamilton Convention Centre
5:30pm - Silent Auction Room Opens
5:30pm - Doors Open and our Jr. Leaders arrive by limo!
6:00pm - Dinner starts promptly
7:30pm - Performance by Diana Panton, followed by our evening program
9:00pm – Evening Concludes
The evening is black tie optional.
Please contact or 905-544-3996 ext 210.
Tickets are $75 and a table of 10 is $750. A portion of your ticket is tax deductible.
We hope to see you there!
Thank you for making a difference in our children’s lives!
My name is Craig and I am 18 years old. I first started attending City Kidz with my older brother when I was 3 years old. City Kidz was the perfect opportunity for my brother, sister and I to connect, as we were all in separate Foster Homes and weren’t able to see each other often. When I turned 12 I started attending the Junior Leadership program at City Kidz, and have been involved as a volunteer—and now a bus captain--at City Kidz for 6 years.
Before joining City Kidz, my home life was filled with chaos and turmoil. My father is an alcoholic and is also involved in drugs. My family still lives pay cheque to pay cheque, struggling to make ends meet. Because of this instability my family has moved around several times. At many points my family has lived in a family shelter, but has been kicked out several times because of my dads behavior.
I started attending City Kidz when I turned 3 years old. What initially drew me to City Kidz was the positive atmosphere that I got, the kind of loving and nurturing feeling that I got from the team captains and that I kind of wasn’t feeling at home. It’s kind of hard to explain, but they take that time to get to know you, they understand you when you’re hurt, they cuddle you when you need cuddling, they just have that whole hearted, whole rounded kind of feeling that makes you feel included. And they go out of their way to make you feel important.
I really loved the atmosphere of the City Kidz playhouse theatre. It was always go-go-go and I enjoyed that there was never a dull moment. I really liked how all of the City Kidz staff and volunteers tried to get every kid involved in the games as much as possible. The excitement and the inclusively created a “friendship atmosphere”, which I loved. As a child at City Kidz, the songs, memory moments and lessons were the highlights for me because I was able to have fun while learning something.
When I became a Junior Leader, my goal was to bring to City Kidz the best attributes that I saw in those that were my leaders when I was a child at City Kidz. I wanted to be a volunteer in the program so I could take the opportunity to make a difference in another child’s life.
My experience with City Kidz, both as a child and a leader, has had a great impact on my life. Consistently hearing the messages that City Kidz conveys, such as “with God you can” and “God has a plan for your life”, I developed a renewed hope for the future. In the City Kidz program, they gave me those bright lights that kind of made me who I want to be and showed me that through anything, no matter what, you know I can be who I want to be and nobody can stop me from doing that.
My family is not of a particular faith background, so City Kidz was the first time I heard about God. Every week during the theatre presentation there would be a message about God along with a moral lesson. I started to think more about God and the messages conveyed - “God loves me” and “God has a plan for my life” - started to have an impact on me. Through my involvement with City Kidz, I developed a desire to attend church. City Kidz staff connected me with a church in my area. As the only person that believed in God in my family, it required extra effort to go to church and learn about God. A family sponsored me so I could attend Great Lakes Christian High School.  I was baptized when I was 16 years old.
I believe that through volunteering with City Kidz I have developed a sense of self-worth. I definitely think that I have gained a lot more power for myself. I know that a lot in elementary school, I felt kind of low being bullied, like low self-esteem, and I think that going to the City Kidz program kind of built me up as a better person. I also think that they just teach you morals and values that you should use in your everyday life that kind of make you who you are.
Through City Kidz I have a heightened understanding of God’s purpose in my life. My City Kidz involvement has given me a sense of belonging and sense of purpose.  Through my volunteering with the Junior Leadership program, I have been able to impact the lives of many kids, just as my own was impacted.
City Kidz’s consistent messages about God increased my understanding of God’s love for me. The consistency and care shown by the City Kidz staff and volunteers tangibly showed me that I was loved and that I mattered. Through my interactions with City Kidz, there was always people in my life that I knew cared deeply for me and I was always reassured that God cared for me as well.
I feel like my family life was directly impacted through my involvement with City Kidz by creating an environment where healthier family dynamics thrived. Not only did City Kidz provide positive opportunities for my family, but the City Kidz staff was also there to provide support for my family when times were difficult. One time, City Kidz gave our family tickets to see a Hamilton Tiger Cats game. As a family, we were able to watch the game, meet the football players, and then have a pizza party on the field after.  Experiences like this gave us opportunities to be closer together as a bigger and brighter family, and just kind of took us away from the bad that has happened and stir us into the good.
There certainly have been some tough years for me and my family. But I think definitely being around children at City Kidz, seeing the children, seeing the impact that it has on the children---all of that definitely has kind of opened my mind to seeing how God wants me to make a difference in children’s lives or in situations of poverty or homelessness or something similar to that.
Overall, I have really valued my time with City Kidz. I think it’s just been an overall amazing experience that definitely has shaped my life and has given me a positive outlook into life. 
Craig’s accomplishments that he was too humble to put in his testimony:
Grade 8:  Craig won the Citizen of the Year Award out of 200 public schools in Hamilton area; a Kiwanis Award for leadership; a “Shine” Award from Me to We and was class valedictorian.
Great Lakes Christian High school: Craig was the first person from his family to graduate from high school; won a Lieutenant Governor’s Award; and went on a mission trip to Detroit three times, then started a ministry here at home called “Spread the Love” which provided sandwiches for the homeless in Hamilton
Craig’s story isn’t over. As of May, 2015 he was accepted to and is attending Mohawk College for Business.  Craig is currently living in a shelter with his mom and sister due to domestic violence that occurred while Craig was at home. Craig is the captain and is responsible for the weekly home visits and City Kidz Saturdays for the children on route 12-3.  He is also volunteering at the 541 café on Barton St.
Craig is a perfect example of the resilience we are instilling in children’s lives so they can thrive, not just survive, within their challenging circumstances. We are investing in children’s lives from when they are 3 until they are 18, building leaders who will give back, not take from their community.
Electronics Recycling / Document Shredding / Save The Environment
The Recycle Your Electronics & Shred Your Confidential Trash For Charity
Not sure what to do with the items listed below. 
Contact Your Rotary Club and we will collect it and turn it into money for local charity.
Identity Theft is a huge problem and it is only going to get worse.  It takes only two pieces of information found in the average person's trash to start an Identity Theft. Protect yourself and the people you do business with by having your obsolete paper work properly shredded at our charity event.
Hate taking back your Liquor, Wine and Beer Bottles and Cans to the Beer Store? Don't like people rummaging through your recycling bin and making a mess? Have us pick them up and we will have the local 58th Scout Troup Recycle them to raise money for their program.
Do you have an old TV, Computer, Stereo, Phone or piece of electronics that you just don't know how to get rid of?  Sending it to the land fill is no longer an option and they are not Blue Bin material.  This Spring we will be holding an Environmental Day in the local area.  It will be a multi-activity event centering around 'Saving The Environment!'  Working with local Scouting we are going to start NOW to collect and dispose of used and worn out electronics in the most environmentally friendly way in the spring. 
The collection of Wine, Liquor and Beer bottles and cans will also be done by the Scouts to assist them in raising funds for their group programs.  If you have any of these items for collection and wish to get them out of your way from now until the spring please contact us.  We will gladly return time and again to pickup and dispose of the above items through out the year.  Email: or call/txt Paul @ 905-512-2451 to arrange pickup.  Scouting is the worlds largest non-profit youth organization.  It introduces and trains boys and girls from age 4-24 about the great outdoors, how to survive emergency situations and to protect the environment.  Today's Scouts are Tomorrows Leaders!

We will also be working with a local Document Shredding Company to help protect your identity!  We will set up a local location for you to bring any of your legal and sensitive documents that need to be disposed of.  For a small donation per bankers box or document bag we will load them into the SECURE DOCUMENT SHREDDER truck and completely destroy the information and then reclaim the paper fibers for recycling.  This is THE MOST SECURE WAY to recycle your documents to protect you, your company and your clients from Identity Theft.  The money raised from this event will go towards local charities through our Rotary Club of Hamilton East and support for the 58th Scout Troup.

The location and the date are currently being worked out but we would gladly make room for any local environment groups and non-profits to share in the day.
Tis The Season - Coming Sooner -
As Christmas is coming up fairly soon it is time to prepare for our annual Christmas Celebrations!

The Rotary Christmas Cards

Every year we have counted on Ken Thur to create and mail a Rotary Christmas Card/Message on behalf of our members. This has been a lovely way to keep in touch with our Rotary Family in a traditional way.
We are planning to continue this year and we ask any member who is interested in having their name and message included to make a small donation to our HEW-Foundation through Secretary Jim McDonnell.
Please arrange for payment by November 11th and include your message to your fellow Rotarians. We would like a strong early commitment to this project so we can have them done and delivered in a timely fashion.
The Annual Christmas Get Together
For our Christmas Party We are Planning on supporting The Rotary Club of Hamilton Mountain by attending thier 40th Anniversary Christmas Dinner and Turkey Roll at Michelangelo's Banquet Centre at 1555 Upper Ottawa Street on Monday December 7th from 5:30pm - 9:30pm. 
The cost of the tickets is $35.00 each and must be pre-purchased. They have an excellent out of town Rotarian coming to speak about his life and what Rotary has done for him.  Please send your confirmation to Secretary Jim or President Paul and money to Treasurer Dan.  For information email or call 905-512-2451
Christmas Poinsettias
We have started to edit the list for our annual poinsettias.  Please make sure Jim McDonnell has the current address of all recipients.
Rotarian Lois Allison In The Press

Trot Magazine has an excellent article about our Rotarian Lois Allison and her Horse Brontewine.

In His Image Brontewine


Sometimes a horse comes along to serve a greater purpose. Sometimes a horse brings people together when they need it most. This is the remarkable story of the last Balanced Image still racing. By Keith McCalmont

To Read the article go to:
A visit to the George Hamilton
On September 10th The Rotary Club of Hamilton East moved our meeting to The George Hamilton on the Mountain.
Hosted By Rotarian Michael Peters we had a wonderful meal handmade in house with a delicious house craft beer.
We were given an informative education on the founding fathers of Hamilton and the creation of the Township of Hamilton-Wentworth.
I had a wonderful time at today's 'AWAY' Rotary meeting at the New George Hamilton on the Mountain. The new décor and excellent menu was very well received by all in attendance.
I enjoyed the home made Caesar Dressing and The Captain Durand House Brew. We also had two tasty soup choices, A Beef Bourguignon Casserole with Garlic Bread and PIE for dessert.
This is all FRESH FOOD! Not prepackaged factory made dishes!
We were treated with a Hamilton History lesson to help us put into context the theme of the establishment. Hamilton has a great and vibrant past that played a key role in the development of our country. We should be as proud of our city as the two owners of this great restaurant.
They also have a flagship George Hamilton at Bay & King Street catch them for lunch or dinner the chef is amazing!
-Paul Crossman
Blues Night Fundraiser at The George Hamilton
A great idea was suggested at the last few meetings for a Blues night Fundraiser at The George Hamilton.  Michael Peters has some great ideas on the success of the night.  How does our membership feel about it?  We would need a great deal of participation from our members to sell Dinner or  General Admin tickets, Door Prizes and a love of the Blues to make this work.  Anyone who would like to comment or get involved is encouraged to reach out to Paul at or call him at work 905-522-4621
District Govennor Visit 2015
Visiting our Club on August 27th was 7090 District Governor Kevin Crosby & Area 4 Assistant D.G. Christopher Cutler. Our club listened to his inspiring but frank talk about the reality of Rotary. This Year's Theme "Be A Gift to the World" was explained with Kevin's opinion on how to revitalize Rotary. All members were encouraged to check out the District Conference Website and to come and enjoy the weekend in Ellicotteville, New York, October 23-25th.  Check Out
Kevin was presented with the BIG Chegue of our club's contribution to the $100 for Every Member, Every Year", A "The Hamiltons of the World" book and numerous small items to help him fit in with his counter parts north of the border.  Kevin has a wonderful sense of humour and I expect he meant it when he promised to get me back for my Canuck Humour. Check out this video of Kevin to see the humour for yourself  VIDEO - Paul Crossman
Automotive Maintenance vs Repairs
At our meeting on Thursday September 24th, Rotarian Paul Crossman Discussed the subject nobody likes to talk about - VEHICLE MAINTENANCE!
Paul discussed the future direction of his business Putney's Automotive Service from a Brake & Alignment Repair business to a Preventative Maintenance Automotive Facility.  After many years of repairing 'only what is broken or necessary' on a customer's vehicle, Paul has come to the realization that by selling and performing preventative maintenance services on his customer's vehicles he can assist them in avoiding the BIG repair bills.  With the cost of a new vehicle doubling in the last twenty years holding onto the family vehicle is more important than ever, preventative maintenance pre-planning can make it a viable and dependable option.
Industry data collected concludes that for every $1 dollar spent on preventative maintenance the vehicle owner can avoid at least $14 dollars in vehicle repairs.  By servicing the A/C system and freon once a year the expected life of the A/C components can be doubled.  By replacing the brake fluid and friction components before they wear out and servicing the brake calipers and and moving components annually brake system failure rarely occur. Undercoating a vehicle annually will help keep the frame, uni-body, fuel lines and tank and brake lines from rotting out.  He acknowledged that there is an unhealthy atmosphere in the industry to over sell and urges caution when given estimates on 'recommended' services before your vehicle is actually inspected.  Paul hopes to introduce and incorporate his new strategy into his business over the next six months.  Paul accepts the fact that some parts are designed to fail and wear out and that no amount of P.M. will keep that from happening so Putney's will still repair broken vehicles of all shapes and sizes but hopes that by educating his clientele he can partner with them to econmically keep their second biggest investment safely on the road for many years.
Upcoming Meetings
Up & Coming Meetings & Events
We are always open for speakers to come to our meetings to inform and educate.
As we arrange for the upcoming speakers we have decided to reconnect with our members.
We are going to run a weekly education round table at the beginning of each meeting asking each member to come with a brief snippet of industry news.  This could be advice on car maintenance, a new health regiment, insurance news, stock tips and the next time Lois' horse is racing. 
We are also going to rerun our member's classification talks.  We have had new members join since the classification talks were last done and this will make our members feel more a part of the great club we are.  Wayne has agreed to be the first member in the spot light and i am expecting the rest of the members to let me know when they will take their turn.
Oct. 8th   ------->  Corporate Rotary Memberships
Oct. 15th -------> No Meeting!
Oct. 22nd -------> Milena Balta
Oct. 23 - 25 ----> District Conference Ellicottville, NY
Oct. 29th -------> City Kidz


Hamilton a family name that has stretched around the world. Explorers, Leaders, Dreamers!  The Hamilton Name appears in many places around the world.  Hamilton always seems to be a nice place to live no matter what continent it appears on.  This lovely picture book touches on the origins of many of the places called Hamilton across five continents.  A visual display and great keepsake or gift to new comers to your own Hamilton. 

We have acquired a quantity of these books at A NEW SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE Of $20 each with ALL the proceeds from sales going to local charities.

Contact us for any sales or information. 


Inspired by a Rotarian in Hamilton, New Zealand in preparing for the city's 150th anniversary. While researching the history of his local Hamilton he became aware of the rich history of the Hamilton family around the world and thought he should share the stories from all the places called Hamilton with a Rotary Club.



GREAT IDEAS COME FROM CONVERSATION!  Some of my best ideas came to light over lunch.  The main idea of Rotary is to get local leaders together to talk about and realize a problem and plan to solve the problem.  We need you a community leader sitting at our table.  Come out enjoy a great meal, talk about our community and the world.  Believe there is Good in the World and Be The Good in The World.


Why we became involved in this World Wide Organization?
¨ Enrich your personal knowledge with our weekly expert speakers.
¨ Develop your leadership ability & people management skills.
¨ Interact with a cross section of local leaders and business professionals.
¨ Discover how your unique talents can assist us in helping those in need.
¨ Create life long friendships with like minded ethically driven peers.
¨ Influence change locally and in communities around the world.
¨ Experience the mental and physical benefits of helping others.
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