Posted on Feb 14, 2019
Darrell D'Souza - Student Success Teacher
Students helping students at Cathedral High School’s Annex


On Valentine's Day, Darrell D'Sousa a Cathedral High School Teacher introduced us to The Cathedral Annex, an on campus donation centre that is open to students and thier families who need assistance with food, clothing, house hold items and furniture.  Students Helping Students!  The Teachers and Support Staff of Cathedral High School on Wentowrth Street recognised needs of some students attending the school for food, clothing, houshold items.  The school is situated in ground zero of the immigration of families to the area from third world countries.  They often start school living in local shelters, come to us with the clothes on thier back and living on social assistance.  The children of these families like all children need the basics: to be fed, clothed and housed.  The staff with the assistance of the students renovated a out building on campus facing King Street and filled it with clothing and food donations.  They have filled this building over and over.  The coordinate the donation of used furniture from local citizens and companies to families as they move from shelters to housing.  They use the building to give students real life experience in helping others.  

CHCH and others organizations have visited the Annex and there is usually a large influx of help that weens off after a little while.

The need is constant and worthwhile.

To help this great cause please contact Darrell directly.