The Recycle Your Electronics & Shred Your Confidential Trash For Charity
Not sure what to do with the items listed below. 
Contact Your Rotary Club and we will collect it and turn it into money for local charity.
Identity Theft is a huge problem and it is only going to get worse.  It takes only two pieces of information found in the average person's trash to start an Identity Theft. Protect yourself and the people you do business with by having your obsolete paper work properly shredded at our charity event.
Hate taking back your Liquor, Wine and Beer Bottles and Cans to the Beer Store? Don't like people rummaging through your recycling bin and making a mess? Have us pick them up and we will have the local 58th Scout Troup Recycle them to raise money for their program.
Do you have an old TV, Computer, Stereo, Phone or piece of electronics that you just don't know how to get rid of?  Sending it to the land fill is no longer an option and they are not Blue Bin material.  This Spring we will be holding an Environmental Day in the local area.  It will be a multi-activity event centering around 'Saving The Environment!'  Working with local Scouting we are going to start NOW to collect and dispose of used and worn out electronics in the most environmentally friendly way in the spring. 
The collection of Wine, Liquor and Beer bottles and cans will also be done by the Scouts to assist them in raising funds for their group programs.  If you have any of these items for collection and wish to get them out of your way from now until the spring please contact us.  We will gladly return time and again to pickup and dispose of the above items through out the year.  Email: or call/txt Paul @ 905-512-2451 to arrange pickup.  Scouting is the worlds largest non-profit youth organization.  It introduces and trains boys and girls from age 4-24 about the great outdoors, how to survive emergency situations and to protect the environment.  Today's Scouts are Tomorrows Leaders!

We will also be working with a local Document Shredding Company to help protect your identity!  We will set up a local location for you to bring any of your legal and sensitive documents that need to be disposed of.  For a small donation per bankers box or document bag we will load them into the SECURE DOCUMENT SHREDDER truck and completely destroy the information and then reclaim the paper fibers for recycling.  This is THE MOST SECURE WAY to recycle your documents to protect you, your company and your clients from Identity Theft.  The money raised from this event will go towards local charities through our Rotary Club of Hamilton East and support for the 58th Scout Troup.

The location and the date are currently being worked out but we would gladly make room for any local environment groups and non-profits to share in the day.