Visiting our Club on August 27th was 7090 District Governor Kevin Crosby & Area 4 Assistant D.G. Christopher Cutler. Our club listened to his inspiring but frank talk about the reality of Rotary. This Year's Theme "Be A Gift to the World" was explained with Kevin's opinion on how to revitalize Rotary. All members were encouraged to check out the District Conference Website and to come and enjoy the weekend in Ellicotteville, New York, October 23-25th.  Check Out
Kevin was presented with the BIG Chegue of our club's contribution to the $100 for Every Member, Every Year", A "The Hamiltons of the World" book and numerous small items to help him fit in with his counter parts north of the border.  Kevin has a wonderful sense of humour and I expect he meant it when he promised to get me back for my Canuck Humour. Check out this video of Kevin to see the humour for yourself  VIDEO - Paul Crossman