As Voluntold a few weeks ago, I attended the BASEF yesterday at Hillfield  Strathallen as the HEW Rotary representative and judge.  After a full morning of reviewing all the booths I than narrowed my search to those that fell under the ‘Hamilton Area’ and chose the following award winners of the HEW Rotary awards.  I did not have much of an opportunity to interact with the students as three or four Merit Judges are given time to discuss each project with the student for 15 minutes each.  This is the important part of the judging for the students so I did not want to interfere.   These were exceptional displays of young minds at work.  The results are not announced until Saturday so “Mums the Word.”  I was a little disappointed with the turn out of the public schools in the Hamilton District compared to the Catholic and private schools.  What was really interesting was the Mentoring program between MacMaster and Barton Secondary.

Hamilton East Wentworth Rotary Awards Presented to:

Third Place: Cassandra Middleton     HWCD   St. David

Second Place: Roberto Ceron  HWDSB Barton

First Place: Kazi Akther & Rugiya HWDSB Sir John A. Macdonald

 Thank You for the opportunity to attend on the clubs behalf. 


ImageIf you our your oganization would like to join HEW Rotary in supporting this event please contact:

Juliana Giancarlo Our “New” Special Awards Coordinator 2013  jgiancar@gmail,com


Jim Casey Special Awards Assistant Coordinator 2013 905-575-5332