At our meeting on Thursday September 24th, Rotarian Paul Crossman Discussed the subject nobody likes to talk about - VEHICLE MAINTENANCE!
Paul discussed the future direction of his business Putney's Automotive Service from a Brake & Alignment Repair business to a Preventative Maintenance Automotive Facility.  After many years of repairing 'only what is broken or necessary' on a customer's vehicle, Paul has come to the realization that by selling and performing preventative maintenance services on his customer's vehicles he can assist them in avoiding the BIG repair bills.  With the cost of a new vehicle doubling in the last twenty years holding onto the family vehicle is more important than ever, preventative maintenance pre-planning can make it a viable and dependable option.
Industry data collected concludes that for every $1 dollar spent on preventative maintenance the vehicle owner can avoid at least $14 dollars in vehicle repairs.  By servicing the A/C system and freon once a year the expected life of the A/C components can be doubled.  By replacing the brake fluid and friction components before they wear out and servicing the brake calipers and and moving components annually brake system failure rarely occur. Undercoating a vehicle annually will help keep the frame, uni-body, fuel lines and tank and brake lines from rotting out.  He acknowledged that there is an unhealthy atmosphere in the industry to over sell and urges caution when given estimates on 'recommended' services before your vehicle is actually inspected.  Paul hopes to introduce and incorporate his new strategy into his business over the next six months.  Paul accepts the fact that some parts are designed to fail and wear out and that no amount of P.M. will keep that from happening so Putney's will still repair broken vehicles of all shapes and sizes but hopes that by educating his clientele he can partner with them to econmically keep their second biggest investment safely on the road for many years.