The 1857 Hamilton Ontario Revival - What happens when you miss the boat?
Sandy King brought an interesting history lesson to our members about The Second Awaking, a religious event that brought many people from all around the world back to the church.  Sandra explained how her research into The Ontario Revival of 1857 that started Hamilton Ontario may well have been the catalyst for The Second Awaking which has until now been accredited to a church prayer meeting in New York City..
Growing up in the Hamilton Area and later studying at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York, Sandra developed a passion for Hamilton and for the Christian Ministry that eventually lead her to researching the History and People of Great Revival.  Sandra has a post-graduate education in Public Relations from Niagara College. It was during these studies that she discovered her ability to effectively communicate through writing. Upon graduation she held several free-lance writing jobs, during one for a Christian regional magazine called Beacon. Her editor assigned her to write an article for the 150th Anniversary of the Revival. That was when she began to seriously research what actually happened in Hamilton in 1857 that developed into her book "The 1857 Hamilton Ontario Revival".  Newly discovered writings of Phoebe Palmer about the time spent in Hamilton with her husband Walter, a doctor from New York, shows a truly interesting series of events that predated the Prayer meeting in New York City.  It was also the turning point for the city of Hamilton that had been a serious decline in popularity and swelling poverty. 

The 1857 Hamilton, Ontario Revival was an important revival that connected into a larger movement (the Second Great Awakening) that went around the world.The revival in Hamilton preceded what was happening in New York City, which is often accredited as the beginning of the movement.

In Hamilton, we see the social economic classes being broken down because of this revival. People came from far away to see what was happening in Hamilton. It was a divine move of God.

The Second Great Awakening came just as America was on the brink of civil war and helped to abolish slavery. It also became a bigger movement in the States as men were seeking God amidst their financial insecurities due to a bank collapse.The Salvation Army and YMCA were birthed out of this movement, as well as many well known songs that we use in churches around the world today.
We as Hamiltonians can be proud of this revival, as we may have started the movement (Second Great Awakening), and most certainly played a role in it's momentum. The main characters in my story traveled through out the States and Europe and often talked about what happened in Hamilton.
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