John McAveeney & Bob Davern

Bob Davern, NewsBank Director of Product Content, spoke to Rotarians and guests on July 21, 2016 about what has been described as “one of the world’s largest information providers.”1 NewsBank sells its massive database of media publications to schools and libraries. As the business has grown and evolved, the format of the delivery of the product has changed from paper, to microfiche and during the 90’s CD-Rom. It now offers their indexed database through an on-line paywall.  At the present time, the database contains over 900 news sources from every state as well as national publications. According to Bob, articles included in the database are selected because they are persuasive and balanced. Additionally, articles must be of a serious nature and not offensive.  Articles from regional sources are chosen to show how local communities are affected by a topic. During the Q & A, Bob stated that in his view the most objective sources for news are the AP and the editorial page of USA Today. As to who is employed in his department, Bob looks to hire people who are good writers and possess editorial skills.
1 Reference Sources in History