Jeanne Carbonetti, Artist and Author

At the Chester, VT First Thursday speaker event in February, Jeanne Carbonetti, renowned artist and owner of Crow Hill Gallery in Chester, spoke to Rotarians and guests about “The Seasonal Rhythm of Creativity: “A Visual Interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Season Concerto.” Jeanne has been a water color painter for sixty-three years and has published six books with the seventh in process. Jeanne believes in the “Power of Beauty” to enhance our lives. One of her messages to students is that we are all born with creativity. After explaining left and right brain dominance and how that relates to creativity, Jeanne showed the audience, through a series of twelve canvases, her visual interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Season Concertos. As she described each painting, Jean explained to the audience the different stages of creativity an artist encounters on his/her journey to create a piece of art. Jeanne’s paintings may be viewed at Crow Hill gallery by appointment.