THANK YOU FROM SPIRIT OF SHARING:  To the 118 individuals, organizations and businesses who came together in a time of need to assure that the children of our communities enjoyed a traditional holiday on Christmas morning, I extend a huge heartfelt  "Thank you."  378 children in the Bennington area were "adopted" by all of you and therefore benefited from your generosity, warm hearts, caring about those in need, and love of shopping.
Spirit of Sharing is a community project that is spearheaded by the Catamount Rotary Club, in coordination with our local Department for Children & Families and the Agency of Human Services.  Spirit of Sharing first started in 1983 and ended in 2008; was resurrected in 2014 to reach many children who were in need during the holiday season.

Additional appreciation is extended to the many DCF and AHS staff for their assistance in making this project be so successful, and to the Banner who carried our message.  This holiday season was one of the many reasons to be proud to live here.