October 2, 2014
Jeanette chaired the meeting.   Her trivia question regarding one of the twin cities of Boston ( where she is going) is the home of one of our exchange students. Bill was correct with Taipai as the answer.
Registrar Pam reported 15 members present  and guests  Joanne, our exchange student,  and Chris Bangham from The Rotary Club of St. Catharines.
 *  Jeanette thanked all those who came for the student exchange meeting last week
 * Chris distributed pamphlets regarding the Niagara Community Foundation  ( our Alan Goddard is a Director).  The Foundation has some $ 24 million dollars and thus is able to distribute some $ 800,000 annually.  Chris asked for contributions to expand the capital so that more people can be helped.     
 *Joanne reported she was too sore to laugh after taking part in a martial Arts program.  She also liked the warmer weather this week.
* Jeanette pushed for attendance at the "Buffalo Bash"  at the District Conference
Sergeant-at-Arms   Pam
      Shirley  Her Granddaughter won 3 ribbons at an equestrian event.
     Chas  -won second in a sailing competition
     Bill  - home from a Western US trip  Roger guessed right that the pony express ride lasted only 18 - 19 months
    Pam  - is closing her trailer for the season
   Joanne  Her Dad as a basketball coach won the Japanese Championship
   Jeanette  -going on a cruise up the US and Canada East coast
  Roger   attended the 50th year reunion of his military civil engineering class  - 9 of 13 attended
  Chris  nice to have a reunion with Harry   Ditto for Harry
  Grant  - and Gayle 35th anniversary
  Sandy  - fulfilling Nana duties
  Drew  - busy with plans for his Scottish curling tour  - has heard from a contact in Inverness
 Gerry  perfect day  played golf and showed houses
Marty  - tried curling with a stick  seemed to like it   (* welcome to Rotary curling !! )
Kathryn introduced  Drew  to explain Club Runner again. 
    Drew started with a penguin joke ( using the term joke loosely)
    Drew also showed the pins and gifts the Rotary Curling Team will be taking to Scotland in November.
Drew explained how Club Runner is a great communication tool  - Drew and Roger are the guru's of the program.   He showed how to get into the member area to get information such as the Grapevines, Duty roster, Speakers, programs and activities of the Club   Hopefully all the Grapevines will now be put into Club Runner by the editors  and not sent out by regular e-mails.   All members can  be e-mailed through Club Runner.   Contact Drew or Roger  if you need help.
Jeanette thanked Drew for his presentation .
Meeting adjourned with the customary Rotary toast.