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November 19, 2020 meeting

Annual General Meeting
Club News
This was a Virtual ZOOM meeting, with 22 Grimsby Rotarians present over the course of the evening.  The theme of the evening was "Let's Talk Rotary" and the club's 2020 Annual General Meeting.   
The group enjoyed a lively social time before the official start getting caught up on everyone’s activities. 
President Liz brought the meeting to order.
A new rendition of O Canada was streamed in the background on the screen.
Alan delivered the Invocation.
Liz led a Toast to the Queen and Canada, to the Office of the President of the United States and to Rotary International.
The official minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be shared with members, and below is a synopsis of the general business transacted during the meeting.
November 19, 2020 – 7:00 pm
Virtual meeting held at Grimsby, Ontario
Elizabeth Fisk, Club President, acted as meeting Chair calling the meeting to order.
Marie Solvason acted as meeting Secretary and Scrutineer.
Liz welcomed all to the meeting and outlined the Agenda. It was confirmed that all members had received copies of the financial statements ahead of the meeting.
Srutineer's Report: 
A total of 22 members are present thereby fulfilling quorum requirements to conduct business at an AGM.
Financial Statements  - Year ended June 30, 2020:
The Rotary club is required to have an Annual General Meeting within 6-months of the end of a fiscal year.  The Finance Committee worked with a financial professional from a sister Rotary club to complete the financial statements for the previous year.  Last year's treasurer Sharon was complimented for the diligent manner in which she maintained the financial records. 

Jim H walked the club members through the various details and line items of the Financial Statements and commented on the improved presentation of the statements.  A template that can be used in future years.

Total Assets - $42,690 
Current Liabilities - ($2,937)  
Net Assets - $39,753  

Revenues  - $51,460 
Expenses  - ($28,980)
Donations  - ($28,430) 
Disbursements in excess of Revenues - ($5,950)  
Net Assets  - $39,753  

Club members unanimously approved the Financial Statements of the Rotary Club of Grimsby, Incorporated for the year ended June 30, 2020 as presented. 

Strategic Priorities: 
The Club's Strategic Priorities were approved in June 2020 and a brief recap of the priorities and the sub activities and goals were presented to the members.  The priorities will be reviewed in the coming months to assess their impact during these times of Covid-19 restrictions.

The club's priorities include:
i) Increase Rotary's impact on the wellbeing and growth of our local and partner communities.
ii) Enhance Rotary's impact through alternate membership opportunities.
iii) Develop a sustainable fund development structure.
iv) Strengthen the club's infrastructure to support membership growth and fund development.

(a)  Fantasy of Wreaths (Trees) is scheduled for November 27th to December 5th, 2020.  The Board invited comments from club members regarding whether to continue the event as an in-person event or whether to go on-line.  After everyone's input it was determined the following day, that the event would move on-line.  Thanks to members for their studied comments and suggestions.  

Special thanks to Jim N, Kerry V, and the full FOW(T) team for all their work on the event and for agreeing to pivot so quickly in these changing times.

Please bid on the lovely wreaths or 3 trees featured on the on-line auction site.  Please share the link with friends and family as well.
(b)  Book and Movie Appreciation Group - Roger and Grant are coordinating the club and the first book/movie will be The Girl on the Train.  Books will be distributed during the end of November with a copy of the movie will be shared amongst the members.  There is still space for one or two additional members if someone wishes to participate.
(c)  Rotary Walking Group is led by Katherine F and Joan.  Once or twice per week (weather permitting) members are encouraged to participate in a 30 to 45 minutes walk around town.  Emails will notify members of the scheduled walks and please call either Katherine F or Joan to confirm participation.
(d)  Nominating Committee  consisting of PP Marshall, Bill and Joan request that members consider joining the board of directors.  The various service duties are extremely important and the expertise, experience and skill set of members is critical in the effective running of the club.  If you are interested please contact one of the committee members.

(e)  Paul Harris Recognition Committee includes George Wagenaar, Wayne Fertich, Shirley Martin and Liz Fisk.  Committee members are inviting club members to make nominations and forward them to one of the committee members. A virtual event is being considered for early 2021 so please consider submitting recommendations soon.   

(f)  Holiday Celebration -  December 17th.  If you have any ideas to make it a memorable virtual event, please contact president Liz.

(g)  Club Questionnaire - Thanks to the club members who sent in their comments, they are appreciated.  The board will be reviewing them in upcoming meetings and will report back to the club with ideas.
Were deferred for this meeting due to the time remaining.
Meeting was adjourned by President Liz
Special THANKS to Brian Golden - Meeting recorder and  Marie Solvason - AGM  secretary.
You are invited to join us at our upcoming meeting - December 3rd.
Our speaker is Ruth Moffat - Hiking and
The Bruce Trail Conservancy
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