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January 2021 Club News  
January 7, 2021 meeting notes

(a) Blood Donor Clinic - George solicited Rotary support for a blood donation drive, at the Peach King Centre, on Saturday, January 9, 2021. Thanks to Jeannette, Jim H and Sharon for supporting Rotary in this worthy cause.
(b) Holiday/Christmas Card Writing Campaign - Outstanding work by Jeanette as the prime mover of this wonderful Christmas event! A big thank you to Andy for supplying the cards from Giant Tiger! Much thanks to Matt and his students for their work! Thanks to everybody involved in bringing a little bit of joy to a lot of Grimsby seniors....912 cards!!!!
(c)  Fantasy of Wreaths - A big thank you to Jim N for his leadership! Much thanks to everyone who assisted in making this a success. Approximately, $3,000.00 was raised.
(d)  Paul Harris Recognition Event - This will take place at the end of February. Erin Kelly (formally sponsored by our club) along with Carrie Thwaites (GSS instructor) and students from GSS will provide filming support so this event can be presented virtually.
(e)  Nominating Committee Update - Bob Martin has volunteered to be President for the 2021-2022 year with Directors Joan Whitson, Andy Daniels and Kathryn Drury on the Board. There remains a need for a President Elect, a Vice President and a Secretary.  We will have an election for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors at the January 21st meeting.
(f)  Book/Film Appreciation Group - 'The Hate You Give', in book and film, is the latest group selection for reading/viewing. The novel is authored by Angie Thomas and offers a unique life view and different perspective framed by a young adult in reaction to a police shooting. If interested, please connect with Roger or Grant.
As part of the planning process for the 50th and to ensure we retain as much of the club's history and background as possible for a publication in that year as well as populating the club's archives, we are calling on all present and former members to search for all photos and memorabilia they may have.  We will also be interviewing members and chronically the club's history.  More on how this will unfold over the next month. In the interim, start looking for your treasures and long pack-away souvenirs.  Contact Liz with whatever you may have.
Please join us on January 26 at 8 am for a timely discussion around pandemics.
Dr. Jonathan Kotwa PhD. will be speaking to our club around Pandemic Preparedness
He is currently working at Sunnybrook Hospital in their Covid Research lab 
(Sunnybrook Translational Research Program for Emerging and Respiratory Viruses. (SERV)  
Meeting ID: 814 3860 8248
FELLOWSHIP IS IMPORTANT - Let us know what you might want to participate in!   
During this time of social isolation it is extremely important that we continue to connect with our Rotary friends and take part in various fellowship activities.  Check for a survey in your email boxes this week asking for your opinion on a variety of potential fellowship activities we might be able to take part in during these 'stay-at-home' times.  We hope we can find a variety of different things that might interest and engage all our members.
The board has approved planning for a new club fundraiser.  A Valentine's Take-out Dinner and Silent Auction.  February 13th, 2021 will be the date. There will be two options - a classic Ribfest style rib dinner.  And for seafood lovers, a Lobster Roll dinner with Clam Chowder.  The drive-thru will take place at J.J.'s on the docks and all orders will be taken electronically up to 5 days ahead of the event. 
The cost for the meal will include all vendor costs plus a donation of $20 to Rotary causes.  Pick-ups will be by pre-booked appointment times.
The silent auction items will be on the same platform as the Fantasy of Wreaths and we hope to have the support of previous FOT auction donors.
This will not need a significant volunteer contribution from a large group of Rotarians, but we will need help from about 10 individuals to organize everything.  And... most importantly - we need all Rotarians to plan their Saturday, Feb 13th dinner to include this take-out and to spread the word to all their friends. Please call Liz if you are interested in helping out.
JANUARY 7, 2021 MEETING - 1st meeting of 2021!
This was a virtual Zoom meeting. There were 17 Rotarians present and two guests (Elaine Hughes and Mayor Jeff Jordan). The meeting commenced with usual practice of including pre-meeting time for conversation, conviviality and opportunities to reconnect with fellow members.
Invocation was given by Katherine. "Stay positive, test negative and count blessings"
Toast to Canada, Queen and the Office of the President was made by Liz
Kathryn introduced speaker Mayor Jordan with ancillary complimentary remarks to Black Lab Violet
Mayor Jeff Jordan spoke about coping through the pandemic with strengthened community bonds, cooperation with other Mayors within the Niagara region, and a range of long term strategies. The largest is in support of the new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Design work is ongoing and the process to find a builder is now underway.
Transit is also an important area of focus for the town. The launching of the new NRTOnDemand, in August, now allows residents to travel around Grimsby and the region with door to door service. Thus far, 65% of this service usage has been by Grimsby residents. Future GO service is scheduled and follows a provincial timeline.
There is continued community involvement in Main Street development and an accessible waterfront trail.
Plans are in place for Niagara involvement in the Canada Games.  Centennial celebrations and 100 years of Peach King Hockey are in the planning stages.
During the question period, Mayor Jordan responded to a variety of questions:  Responses below in bullet form.
  • There were no results available regarding the archaeological dig at the Nixon property located at Main St and Nelles St.
  • There are joint efforts taking place with homeowners regarding protection and regeneration of the Pumphouse and at Grimsby Beach. The mayor has a keen interest in history and has a personal collection of antique nails, many found on his farm property, and railway spikes that once were part of the Hamilton/Grimsby/Beamsville rail system.
  • Under the Town Recreational Plan there is a request application in place for funding to update the Peach King Centre with a gymnasium and a running track.
  • A grant is in place for a public works project to update the Gibson St. footbridge. Regional discussion is underway regarding a redo of Casablanca Blvd.
  • There will be an extensive water main project for downtown, after the Centennial Celebrations take place.
  • 'Grimsby on the Lake' is accommodating many new citizens to the town and Grimsby residents are frequenting the commercial development taking place.
  • Projected GO transit has made us the fastest growing municipality in Niagara.
  • The impact of Covid and the lock down, despite Federal and Provincial support for small businesses has taken a toll. Extended patios will be again considered, if required. The town will be initiating a 'gardening project' in the spring. This presents an opportunity for Rotary involvement
  • The Bio-digester is functional and Miller Waste has done a wonderful job with clean up and beautification. There are plans for expansion with possible inclusion of green bin waste.
  • The Santa Claus Parade resulted in over three times the amount of food and donations collected in 2019 for the GBF. Grimsby firefighters deserve our thanks!
Rotarian and Regional Councillor, Wayne Fertich, complimented the Mayor for his working cooperation with Mayors of Niagara, Lincoln, and West Lincoln, and the Regional Councillors to push the building of the hospital forward.
Patrick thanked Mayor Jordan for his talk and for his good work on behalf of the town.
George - Happy to live in Canada!                                                                          Jeanette - Happy 2020 is gone! Travel plans for 2021!                                      Rich- Glad that a 96 year old Mother-in-Law has recovered from Covid! She was given excellent care at her Chartwell residence.
Joan - Loving the Walking Group!
Wayne - Great to be able to participate! Rotary might consider a possible fundraiser for McNally House. Andy - Happy that no friends have Covid. Be safe!
Bob - Skating rink fiasco with lack of cold weather!
Jim H - 10,000 steps each day! Hooray for Zoom!
Marshall - Low: Washington/ High: 2021 golf club application submitted
Jeff Jordan - Bruce Trail excursions with Violet. Glad to have a reprieve over Christmas!
Brian - Things are always Golden!
Liz - Family safe in East England! A new career path teaching English and math virtually for grades 1 and 4?
Kathryn - Delighted with success of curb side pick-up at the library!
Marie - Walking, avoiding crowds and missing grandchildren!
Katherine - Grandma and Grandpa School for a 5 and 7 year old!                              Matt - Generous offer to help Liz and Katherine with curriculum issues. Pleased that the school will have a new green house, gymnasium, turf track and theatre! 
Patrick - Love having Joe at home. A wonderful grade 1 experience!
Bill and Elaine - Continued self-isolation. Disappointed by the Canadian Junior Hockey final and saddened by the loss of Alex Trebeck.
Special THANKS to Brian Golden - Meeting recorder
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