Rotary Meeting Oct.9, 2014.

The GrapeVine

The Rotary Club of Grimsby

October 9, 2014.


Sandy reported 19 Grimsby Rotarians in attendance, as well as Gabo and Joanne our exchange students and Felicia Heimbecker guest of Mike Hahn


Regrets were received from Marty, Harry, Roger and Drew



Buffalo Bash: October 25 and 25,  See, for more information.  President Bob encouraged everyone to register and attend.  The District Governor has promised a new and enjoyable kind of District Conference.

Note: Clarence and Roger plan to attend during the day on the 25th and are willing to offer a ride to other members.


Spousal Night at Oct. 23 meeting, Please reply to Jim Merritt to give numbers for attendance.


George was presented with his “Blue Backer” Rotary Pin.  Thank you for sharing Rotary with Marty Tyre.


Pumpkins for Cancer:  

Bill was very appreciative of how quickly the duty roster for pumpkin sales filled in. Thanks everyone.

Bill would also like help with the large signs on Friday am, Meet at the garage at 9:00.

A number of the small signs were available, please promote the pumpkin sale at Coles.


Curling Open House: The Curling Club of Grimsby is holding their annual open house next week, Oct. 15 to 17.  2:00 to 6:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 and Oct. 18 10:00 to 2:00.

Everyone is welcome to try curling.



Happy Bucks, 

Don MacDonald Sergeant at Arms


Don has maple syrup problems.

Bob had a delightful week away

George happy to be back.

Sharon had a visit with a friend from high school

Dick had a bad day on the stock market 

Bill parred his final hole in his season ending golf game

Felicia advertised the movie her husband is working on, “Left Behind” with Nicholas Cage

Shirley, her car recognizes her voice

Mike meets nice people on the tennis court

Thomas, a 50th anninvesary

Jim M’s comment can’t be published

Sandy happy that Peter introduces her by her maiden name

Clarence enjoyed a weekend of motorcycle riding

Grant happy all dues are paid, finally

Katharine advertised the Niagara Falls parking pass and presented Shirley with a special key chain.




Sharon introduced Juanita McLean.  Juanita told us about her new business “Seniors on the Move”.  She and her team of 8 ladies will take the stress out of moving form a large home to retirement living.  

They will help differentiate what to keep and what to give away, they will do the packing and will unpack and set-up in their client’s new home.  They can also work with floor plans to decide how furniture will fit into your new home.

She also offers other services such as home checks for snowbirds or even pet care for people in rehabilitation.  

Juanita would like to make moves happen for people.

Shirley thanked Juanita.