The trick-or-treaters may have come and gone but the Halloween fun continues for one more night! 
Join Grimsby and West Niagara residents in the area's first ever community Pumpkin Parade. 
Walk the Coronation Park path from 5:30 to 7:30 PM to see many community carved and decorated jack-o-lanterns as well as painted and lighted Halloween and Fall Harvest displays.  Join your friends and family to have a cookie, a cup of cider, hot chocolate or coffee. Watch families and kids take their Halloween selfies at the photo booth and visit with a fortune teller. The event is appropriate for kids of all ages!
Want to include your jack-o-lantern in the parade and recycle and compost your pumpkin?  Two ways to participate. Simply drop your Halloween jack-o-lanterns at the Community swimming pool the day after Halloween OR bring your jack-o-lantern to the entrance as you arrive for your walk. The volunteers will position them along the path so they can be enjoyed one more time!
The event is fully accessible and Free. Rotary encourages everyone to help us put this event on again next year.  Remember to bring your loonies, toonie and debit cards!   All donations will support the various community charities that Rotary supports and Grimsby GLOWS - year 2.
Rotary in partnership with various community organizations and the Town of Grimsby are hosting this inaugural community event.  Everyone from infants to 90 year-olds will have fun "OOing and AHHing" over the 300+ jack-o-lanterns.
Special thanks to the Town of Grimsby for their overwhelming support.  The staff have been extremely generous with their time and ideas.  The Rotary Club of Grimsby was very pleased to receive a  Grimsby Community Project grant.  This grant provides funding to support local projects and programs that increase the participation and wellbeing of Grimsby's residents.
We also express our appreciation to the Foodland-Sobeys group in West Niagara.  With their four local stores, they are donating 250 pumpkins in the weeks before the event.  These pumpkins will be distributed amongst various community organizations, charities supported by Rotary and our two local secondary school for carving.  If your group is interested in receiving some pumpkins to carve and bring to the event, please connect with us.