Jim recorded the Grapevine for October 30,2014

President Bob opened the meeting.

Pam reported that 24 Rotarians present plus our exchange student, Joanne

Sgt.-at-Arms - Don
Drew - Off the Scotland for Rotary Curling. Will be back in a month.
Pam- Looking forward to end of week.
Gerry- Brought new car after his old one was broken into and golf clubs stolen.
George- Congratulated Tom and Laura on being 50 years married. Wedding photograph circulated.
Jeanette- Son coming home for weekend.
Michael- had a joke
Donna- Happy to be leaving on Friday for Scotland Rotary Curling.
Bob- Happy to have attended the Buffalo Rotary Bash in Buffalo
Roger- Happy to have attended the District Conference in Buffalo and for the great response in getting the shifts filled for the Fantasy of Trees.
Dick- Was into Toronto to see the play " Book of Mormon"
Wayne- Thanked everyone that supported him in his election campaign for Mayor.
Don- Thanked Wayne for putting his name and the ballot and noted the turnout was only 42%
Alan- He helped with the election of a new Mayor in the Municipality where he his cottage is located. Won by 83%
Katherine- Thanked those that turned out for the United Church fundraiser.
Sandy- Construction project underway for a new decorative wall.
Linda- Happy to be here.
Grant- Gayle has been working as substitute teacher. 4 young fellows from the school had an encounter with local police.
Marshall- Pleased to sitting between 2 well dressed ladies. One was exchange student, Joanne, wearing stunning Taiwanese dress.
Joanne- Happy to be dressed up. Enjoyed the Rotary Bash in Buffalo and meeting fellow exchange students from District. Also mentioned that her father. who coaches baseball in Japan, won league championship .
Charles- First loss in Curling
Marty- First day of new season of  curling on TV.
Jeanette- Pleased with dinner tonight.

President Bob reported on the District Conference held in Buffalo and thanked the members that attended. Bob has passed on comments to District Governor on who to make next conference better.

Bob asked by a show of hands if people would prefer to go to another venue for Christmas party or stay at Casablanca. It was tried so Board will decide.

George reported that Big Brothers,Big Sisters is having a all day Charity Curling Bonspiel on Saturday November 8th.  He has entered one rink. If you would like to curl please let him know. He will be passing around the pledge sheet at meeting on November 6th.

Jim H reported that the Festival of Arts will be expanding the number of committees so that the work is distributed to more people. There will be at people from Rotary and Community Living on each committee.

Jim H reported that 23 sponsors have indicated they will sponsor trees. There needs to be a big push on first week of November to get more sponsors signed up.

Grant introduced Drew who presented on the trip to Scotland and the work of the Ad-Hoc committee formed to investigate new fund raising ventures.
Drew advised that 20 curlers were going to Scotland from Ontario including Donna and himself from our club. He will doing a blog and he has distributed the address already to the club. . He will be posting pictures and videos as they progress around Scotland.
Drew advised that the Ad-Hoc committee formed to investigate new funding opportunities had 22 suggestions to consider. They have now short listed the number down to 3 and the committee will be making a recommendation to the Club by the end of January.

Coming Events:
Big Brothers,Big Sisters Bonspiel on Saturday, November 8th.
Fantasy of Trees- November 21st to December 7th.
St. Catharines Rotary Bonspiel- November 26th.