President Bob opened the meeting.



Registrars report;

Rotarian Sharon reported that there were 19 Rotarians present at the meeting and exchange students Jo Ann and Gabo.


Happy Bucks:

Clarence – happy for the great weather.

Sandy – sad that Jo Ann is leaving her house this week.

Marshall, Dick and Sharon – happy the market was up today.

Jim M. and Wayne – happy to be here.

Katherine – had a nice tour of northern NY state.

Mike – had a happy Thanksgiving.

Roger – was at a classmate reunion and thought everyone else looked old.

Grant – liked the pumpkin pie.

Bob – liked the nice weather for golf.

Donna – time to close the cottage.

Linda – had Thanksgiving for 19 guests.

Bill – happy to have the tree removed for $800.00

Harry – had an “egging” good time at a hot air balloon festival in SW US.

Don – noted the beauty of the escarpment.

Gerry – happy to have Kerry back after visiting London and Hong Kong.

Jin H. – enjoyed touring the Eastern Townships and the Maine coast and lobster.




President Bob reminded us of a number of upcoming events:

* The district “Buffalo Bash” is on Oct. 25 and 26 and hopefully some of us can attend.

* Does anyone have the Rotary aprons to be used at pumpkin sales?


Donna announced the GSS graduation on Nov. 1st and will arrange to have a Rotarian present.


Grant has received a cheque for $9300.00 as our portion of profits from the Art festival.





Harry introduced our speaker, Jim H. who will discuss the upcoming “Fantasy of Trees”


Last year we had 1400 people attend, 38 trees and 60 other sponsors and we made a profit of $9,600.

Our corporate sponsor was Lincoln Park and we hope that will continue this year.

This year we hope to have 40 trees, expand the silent auction, have children’s crafts for 6 days from 2, a $500.00 door prize and have 1000 ticket sales (up from 871).

The dates are:

* Tree set-up – Nov 19th

* Decorating - Now 20th

* Opening - Now. 21st.

A committee meeting will be at Jim’s on the 22nd at 7 pm.

Mike thanked the speaker.


Upcoming Meetings:

Oct. 23. Jim & Marjorie Dawson. Grant Spousal night

Oct. 30. Rotary fund raising. Bob &Drew

Nov. 06. Open

Nov 13. Paul Monaghan Jim M

Nov. 20. Shaunna Morris. Nia children's centre


Dec 11 Christmas Party



Duties :

Please refer to the Club Runner.


Clarence McCloskey