Bill recorded the Grapevine for Oct. 23, 2014
Grapevine Oct. 23, 2014

President Bob opened the meeting  and asked for a moment of silence on honour of our fallen soldiers.

Bob announced several District Events  -  Depew Foundation Dinner Nov. 21;  New Rotaract Club in Hamilton;  Rotary Leadership Institute;  Hamilton AM Dinner - food wine  $ 75.00 pp; District Citation Award;  Vocational Training Team.  If you want more info contact Bob. 
Buffalo Bash at the District Conference - still want more Rotary attendees.

Roger  Needs Fantasy of Trees Roster filled in so he doesn't have to chase.
George  wants curlers for  Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bonspiel Nov. 8
Jim  H.   Fantasy of Trees  - has 20 trees already  happy with the progress

Registration -  Marty reported 19 members present  , many partners,  and Joanne - our Exchange student -   plus our speakers  Jim and Marjorie Dawson, Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise

Sgt. At Arms -    Jim H.
Bob  - Went to a Trade Show
Sharon  - Her girl friend's son was Nathan Cirello
George  - a great trip to Florida and 90 degree weather
Don  Sad for 2 soldiers lost
Chas  -  found out he was no better this year than last in curling  - ( what is new ??)
Alan  - don't expect to be better this year than last re Chas curling
Roger  Curling has started  -
Marjorie and Jim Dawson  - Great to have a dinner  not a coffee and muffin for $ 12.00 at their breakfast meeting
Donna  Excited about the Curling Trip to Scotland
Grant  Enjoyed raking leaves on a nice day
Sandy  Her garden  all dug  for now
Marty  - His Dad is in and out of Maplecrest and WLMH
Thomas  going to Ottawa for the weekend
Jeanette   -Eric is Scuba diving  and she is off on a cruise
Katherine  Happy for Canada and our resilience
Fred  glad to have dinner with us
Linda  Glad everyone was OK in Ottawa except for Nathan
Jim  M.  Another good week for golf expected yet
Bill - Off on their trip to China on Monday
Jim  Ruth is going to help him with Facebook re the Fantasy of Trees
Joanne  has a white bet in one off the martial arts.

Grant introduced Marjorie and Jim Dawson    Rotarians from Norfolk Sunrise who have done wilderness canoeing, Polio Plus trips, oversaw water treatment plants and Operation Eyesight projects rough Rotary Their theme is " When canoeing intersects with Rotary."

Jim described their wilderness canoeing  adventures that they have  done since 1977.  A real wilderness trip is one where they fly in to a remote river, canoe 10 days,  canoe 35 Km per day and not see another person.  Organization is vital;  lash paddles to the canoe when portaging; use a tump line;  find a flat spot for a camp; string up your food; and other tips .  They have canoed "through" forest fires, saw pictographs, canoed through canyons  ( those portages were tough).
Marjorie talked about aiding a native community of 3000 people whose children have been for generations taken to residential schools from the age of 5 years and how the children were not allowed use their native tongue and native cultural activities and had no real knowledge of their families.   The aid included education locally, using science camps, canoe training, music teaching and trying to encourage self esteem and hope.
Donna thanked our speakers  and they were presented our certificate for a Polio plus contribution on their behalf.