Clarence recorded the Grapevine for November 6,2014
President Bob opened the meeting.
Registrars report;
Rotarian George reported that there were 19 Rotarians present at the meeting, exchange student Gabo and speaker Suzie Campbell.
Happy Bucks:
Clarence – happy to hire painters for two days.
Sandy – glad to see the GREAT WALL almost finished.
Marshall – is full of hope.
Pamela, Don and Mike – happy to be here.
Roger – curled with Jim Howard and Rotarians.
Grant – told of a fundraiser for Juvenile diabetes selling large sodas.
Bob – broke his glasses and dropped his phone in the paint. What’s next?
Linda – Luba operated on for breast cancer.
Jin H. – watched with curiosity a dredging barge operate ½ mile off shore in the lake.
Jim M. – happy to have played golf.
Charles – thought the travel curling team looked older than the teams he travelled with.
Jeanette – happy that Roger has volunteered to host Gabe.
Suzie – busy puppy sitting which ate a nylon and threw-up.
Gabo – enjoying Canada and Halloween was a new experience for him.
Catherine – would like to see Paul Murphy and/or Linda in the club.
Shirley – glad to be over the cold and for those who filled in for her at the pumpkin sales.
Sharon – happy to be done work for a week.
Thomas – liked the meal.
George – thanked those who contributed to Big Brothers and Sisters.
President Bob reminded us of a number of upcoming events:
  • The district Foundation dinner is on Nov. 21st and hopefully some of us can attend.
  • We have been invited to hear Dave Dryden on Nov. 13th
  • West Lincoln Second Stage Housing has invited us to join them for dinner at the Seniors centre  on Dec. 4th and we will attend and spouses are welcome.
There are lawn signs for the Fantasy of Trees and Marty needs help to put up signs on Nov.12.
Roger thanked all for filling in the F of T’s work schedule and extra help will be needed to help clean-up on Wednesday.
Jim H. reported that there are 30+ trees sold with 12 new sponsors and still 15 last year’s sponsors to be heard from. More silent auction and wreaths would be appreciated.
Shirley introduced Suzie Campbell who spoke of the projects that she is involved in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere and has 6 million people.
It was ruined with 20 years of civil war followed by the ’98 earthquake. With the loss of aid from Venezuela and the loss of crops due to extreme weather changes, they are really struggling.
A renewed effort was started by Roy Simmons and friends from St. Andrew’s Church 3.5 years ago and they have since provided clean water for a small village, built a kitchen at an elementary school where 750 students are now attending. They have provided 3 computers and would like to provide 15 more to enhance the basic education and encourage children to stay in school and go on to university.  They have encouraged sponsors for children at the cost of $100.00 per year and currently have 54 sponsors. An additional $50.00 would be used to provide internet services for about $1000.00 per year and that would help the community. Sponsorships are made directly to Suzie and additional monitory and other donations can be made to St. Andrew’s Church.
Sandy thanked the speaker and provided a contribution from our club.
Upcoming Meetings:
Nov.   13.   Paul Monaghan    Jim M
Nov.   20.   Shaunna Morris.    Nia Children Center.   Bob
Nov.   27.   Open
Dec.   04.   Pasta Night Grimsby Sr. Center. West Nia 2nd Stage  Housing ..Spousal night. Let me know who is attending
Dec.   11.   Christmas Party. Spousal night
Dec.   18     Club assembly