Clarence McCloskey recorded the Nov. 27,2014 meeting

(Grapevine –November 27, 2014)

President Bob opened the meeting.


Registrars report;

Rotarian Harry reported that there were 17 Rotarians present at the meeting and exchange student Jo Ann.

Happy Bucks:

Dick – happy to be here.

Roger – son Mat is duck hunting for the first time.

Grant –curled and won a good prize.

Bob – looking forward to the Can-Am curling in January.

Jin H. –was busy curling and with the Fantasy of Trees..

Jim M. – arrived at Rotary having just had a Thanksgiving dinner.

Charles – daughter is home for a week from the west..

Jeanette – son Eric is interviewing at Sobeys.

Shirley – representatives ofHamilton Health Sciences attend the WLMH foundation dinner.

George –enjoying curling and two deserts tonight.

Al – happy to be a new great uncle to Jack.

Bill – Attended Hal Snow’s funeral service and came first of 16 teams curling in Paris.

Michael – happy to have Jo Anne at his house.

Jo Ann – happy to be with Mike and Christine but sad her cousin has stage 4 cancer.

Wayne – happy that his grandson is finally in speech therapy.

Marty – excited to be going to a beach.

Harry – attended Lincoln Rotary Club’s "Wings over Lincoln" event.

Thomas – was a volunteer in the "W O L" event.

Clarence – the snow has him thinking "skiing".


President Bob reminded us of a number of upcoming events:

West Lincoln Second Stage Housing has invited us to join them for dinner at the Seniors centre on Dec. 4th and we will attend and spouses are welcome.

The Rotary Christmas party is on Dec 11. We must respond to Jim M. by email as to our attendance for both above events.



Wayne reported that he is working on a new slate of officers for nest year.


George reminded us of the Christmas Parade on Dec. 6th and asked for volunteers to assist in the organizing of the floats.

Jeanette – The outbound student interviews are on Sunday and asked for another volunteer to be present.


Jim M. introduced our own Rotary member speaker, Shirley Martin.

As an MP, Shirley told us of her good-will mission to China in 1985. There were only five members in the group, including an interpreter. At that time, China was introducing the "Responsibility System" and allowing citizens to earn extra money for personal use outside of their regular jobs. The annual wage was $80.00 per year and a bicycle cast $90.00

The state provided everything for the first child but no benefits for a second.

The meals consisted of exotic items such as silk worms and sea slugs, and one never drank the water. The Chinese government stressed education.

Thank you Shirley for a very interesting account of your visit.

Upcoming Meetings:

Dec. 04. Pasta Night Grimsby Sr. Center. West Nia 2nd Stage Housing ..Spousal night. Let me know who is attending

Dec. 11. Christmas Party. Spousal night

Dec. 18 Club assembly


Duties : Dec. 4

Registration - Pelissero

Invocation - Curran

Speaker Intro. – Haire

Speaker Appreciation – Bradley

Grapevine - Howden

Clarence McCloskey