Bill Hughes recorded the Grapevine notes for the Nov. 20, 2014 meeting
President Bob chaired the meeting
Don filled in as Registrar  and reported  19 members present  plus our exchange students students Joanne and Gabo.   Guest speakers  Oxana Fisher and Shaunna Morris .
 Bob  - Mohawk College Rotary Leadership Institute Dec. 6th.  No one from our local 3 Clubs are registered.
         - Dec. 4th meeting cancelled so we can attend Second Stage Housing Spaghetti Dinner at the Senior Citizen's Center
        - Vocational Training Team is set.  ( formerly the Group Study Exchange )   I'm not sure where they are going.
     *  Hamilton Bulldogs  has Military Appreciation Night  Dec. 5th . They will honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and raise funds for Marcus Cirillo.  $ 12.00 for blue section; $ 15.00 for reds.
              contact  Norm Watson  at mailservice  (secretary of Rotary Club of Stoney Creek)
    - Meeting Dec, 18th changed from Club Assembly to a Niagara College presentation
    -  The Board would like suggestions for  the Archives and Club Banners  as Bill is resigning from looking after them for some 20 years or more
 Sargeant-At-Arms  Jim Howden
    Harry anchored a deep cultural discussion at his table regarding L'il Abner comic strip. Some members did not know who the Smoo's were
   Jim M. thanked Harry for his "leadership"
    Katherine  had traffic problems to Grimsby  yesterday
   Sandy  Thoroughly enjoyed taking her grandsons to the Royal Winter Fair
   Chas  his curling team could not do without him and rescheduled the game this eek so he could play
   Roger  very impressed with the Fantasy of Trees set up.
   Dick  His Grandson has a scholarship for $ 40,000 per year at  U. of Pittsburgh   He is very happy
  Gabo   Mary Lou is now his Grandma
   Linda  her grandaughter was afraid of Santa
   Joanne  happy to move to the Hahn's residence
   Gerry   Fantasy of Trees is fabulous
   Mike  victim of identity theft.   Ask him what to do
    Bob  had a great week in Florida
    George  very busy setting up Fantasy of Trees  - along with Grant and  Jim
  Clarence  suffering from no-see-um bites from Cuba
  Bill  great trip to China
  Jim H.  - congratulated George on the handling of the decorators
    Alan introduced  Oxana Fisher and Shaunna Morris of fhe Niagara Childrens Center in St. Catharines.
    Note :   our Club contributed some $ 25,000 to the Center many years ago  and members Brain Babcock, Bob Martin and Ken  Janzen had served as directors.
 This is the 50h year of the Center which was helped getting it started by the May Court Club who had been working with cerebral palsy children.     Dr. William Orr offered his services and is still helping at age 92 !!  The Rotary Clubs of St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland were prime helpers is starting the Center.  The Center was built in 1969 and expanded in the mid 70's. They showed a very informative video which covered their services.  They had some 3800 children  and 24,500 visits  with heir 100 employees. The ratio of boys to girls is 2:1  .  They have recently added  alternative augmentation communication equipment for those who need it.    They serve the entire Niagara REeion and provide an excellent and much needed service to children from 0 to 18 years of age.     
Harry thanked our speakers with our polio plus donation certificate.
Meeting adjourned with the usual Rotary toast.