Grapevine,  April 30, 2015
President Bob opened the meeting.
Registrars report;
Rotarian Mike reported 19  Rotarians present at the meeting including visiting Rotarian Larry Kent,  exchange student Jo Ann, and a guests Linda Libront, and speakers Linda Coghlin and Alicia Mendez from Loving Arms.
Happy Bucks:
Don – happy for Jim going off to Paris.
Marshall – happy that golf has started.
Sharon  and Allan – happy.
George – happy to be back from the Sou with his liquid gold.
Charles  - is now one year older.
Gerry – heare and happy.
Bob – away for the next 3 weeks of plant shipping.
Roger – off to LA for a family wedding.
Jennifer – busy with the Fresh Air Fund.
Marty – busy supporting the contractor trade.
Sandy – happy the great wall is being built.
Mike – had a gift of 200 bicycles to their sponsorship program.
Guest Linda – happy to have sister and daughter to visit Mother.
Grant – happy that he replaced the smoke detector.
Clarence – finished today’s golf game with a par on par 5 eighteenth.
Guest Larry – second Rotary meeting today.
Jim – happy to be off to France.
Guest Rotarian Larry is the chair of the WLMH upcoming golf tournament on June 1st and is here to invite our participation.
Rotarian Sandy reminded us of our garage sale RAGS committee meeting following the regular meeting next week.
The Paul Harris Committee was commended for the excellent job done last week.
Our guests Linda Coghlin and Alicia Mendez of “Loving Arms” told us of the organization which Linda founded in 2005 and became incorporated as a Charitable Organization in 2007 to support various projects in Guatemala.
Last year there were 18 team visits accompanied by Linda to Guatemala. Each team usually has a particular focus and consists of groups of nurses, teachers, construction, agriculturists and other professions. Everyone is welcome to volunteer to participate in support of a team visit.
F the accomplishment consist of 300 stoves built to replace open hearth cooking, the building of a home, the building of sand water filters for clean water and the support of the education system and scholarships.
Their area of operation is within a 6 village perimeter and their education focus is on one child per family in each village.
The products of crafts and agriculture is marketed through co-ops and excessive goods are exported.
Marty thanked Linda and Alicia for their presentation and the good work they are doing and they were presented with a Rotary sponsorship.
New Member:
Charles welcomed our newest Rotarian, Linda Libront into our club.  Linda was sponsored by Donna who was away for this meeting.
Upcoming Programs and Duties : 
Please check Club Runner for the above.