Bill Hughes wrote the Grapevine for May. 14, 2015
Grapevine  Rotary Club of Grimsby  May 14, 2015
Gerry Vandermolen was Chairman for the evening
Registrar  - George -  13 Rotarians, Joanne our exchange Student  and Carole, Pat and Gay from  Oomama  attended
1.    Next week's ( May 21) meeting is at Peninsula Ridge Winery at 6:30 PM  for the Rotary Club @ Noon's presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship Award to Marion Thorpe of the GBF.  Wine and cheese available.
2. Grant and Gayle are walking in the Community Living fundraiser  June 3rd ( ??)   They would appreciate sponsors
3. Linda A. reported FORT has a golf Tournament on June 3rd  . They need golfers
4. Donna  - Rotary Medallist presentations on June 25 for both Grimsby Secondary School  and South Lincoln High School. She needs someone to do SLHS please.  
5. Don announced the social highlight of the year  Adopt-a-Road   Sat. May 30  8 AM 
Sergeant-at-Arms    Don
Gerry  -  a good day sold a house and played golf
Mike - his Church - St. Albans - collects and repairs bicycles for foreign workers on the farms  now over 100 bikes - would like more donated
Bill - good trip to eastern USA   with curling tour buddies and spouses
Grant -  his Grand niece was born prematurely at 32 weeks  and is doing well 
Sandy  - enjoying having a "daughter"  ( Joanne)  for a few weeks
George - heading back to the Soo for the summer
Arby  -  has a trip planned to PEI this summer
Jeanette - Has 2 trips to NYC planned  for Fresh Air Kids  and maybe  a show or two ?
Donna  -  time to open the cottage for the summer
Katherine - Niagara Parks is opening for the   summer  -  lots of activities - passes for 4 themes,  a Zip line, the Hornblower, , Sounf dand Light show, etc.
Pat ( from Oomama )  this is her first Rotary meeting and is pleased with her involvement with Oomama
Sandy introduced  -  Carole, Pat and Gay from Oomama   
   Oomama is part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation  and is a grandmother to grandmother campaign  to help grandmothers in Africa who are raising the children of parents who dies of HIV/AIDS.
   This was started in 2006 and their are now 240 chapters in Canada.  There were 15 MILLION orphans then and that number has grown to 17 million !!   The help includes food, education, palliative care and support. Some of the funds are raised by the sale of jewelry by the Kazuri Jewelry project.  which has been very successful.  They have a child care center in Zimbabwe ( not supported by the government there ) called the Chiedza Child Care Center  which provides health, emotional and education aid an dis very successful. 
  The Stephen Lewis Foundation operates on just 10 % of funds going for administration ( one of the best ratios in the World). A major focus of the Foundation is  Gender Inequality  which should be the key to  resolving many of the problems.  
  HIV/AIDS is still a major problem  and the lack of the antiviral drugs being available is a major issue.
Grant thanked our speakers and Sandy presented them with our donation.
  We have supported Oomama for many years now and is one of our best projects !!
Next Meeting  - at Peninsula Ridge Winery
Bill Hughes   Editor