President Wayne opened the meeting.





GAS:   A draw was made for a guest mini-suite at the Casablanca Inn from the early registrants, and it was won by Mr. Fred Sandercott of “Queen Victoria Cottage”, NOTL.


An open house for “Community Living” is to be held on March 27th.


The Lincoln Rotary Club is having a golf tournament on June 9th.


Registrars report;

There were 20 Rotarians present at the meeting plus the speaker, Rob Merigold.


Happy Bucks:

George – spent 2 weeks in Florida listening to the “US” Olympic broadcasts.

Don – heard from his daughter that it was -40 to -58 C in Saskatchewan.

Dick – just happy.

Clarence – happy to ski today and for 2 more days before Florida.

Marty – a friend is on the winning Canadian curling team.

Bill – a curling friend in Scotland passed away recently.

Mike – entertained us with a joke.

Charles – while sorting papers he found a Rotary Roster from 1980 and passed it around.

Sandy –home from Nicaragua with some new construction skills.

Jim M. – nice to hear of everyone’s Florida experiences.

Grant – gave a few Canadian low temperatures.

Will – 13 year old had knee surgery was a success and older son is off to Madrid for soccer

Donna – just back from a cruise which ended in Rio.

Wayne – happy to be here.

Marshall – happy to be back.

Bob M. – The Niagara College Gala of April 5th is almost sold out.

Roger – remembers delivering papers in Saskatchewan at -50 C.

Jim H. – the family dog was operated on (sympathy from all).

Shirley – back from a great trip.



Shirley  introduced our guest speaker, Rob Merigold of infoglobe Communications..


Rob is the owner of inflglobe Communications which he started in 1998. They specialize in internet and IT services. He told us of some of the problems that his clients have with their business and personal computer systems which often involve viruses and system scams which are often created by disgruntled employees or for extortion or fraud.

He told us of the five things that we should watch for and avoid:

* Drive by downloads that appear as we load desired programs (avoid selecting).

* Ransom wear – alert the RCMP.

* Trojan horse programs that are attached to emails (never open).

* Personalized trojan horses addressed directly to you.

* Fishing emails disguised as legitimate requests from known institutions.

Always create very good passwords that tell a story and use a variety of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. These cannot be duplicated by a computer search program.

Do regular data backup on separate memory storages in the event of a crash.

Protect your systems as phones can connect with your computer, etc.

Avoid putting personal information on facebook, etc. as profiles can be created to expose you to fraud or theft. Help can be sought through  or


Shirley thanked Rob for his informative presentation.