Jim Howden recorded the Grapevine for March 5,2015
Jim Howden recorded thr March 5,2015 meeting.
President Bob Chaired the meeting.
Invocation- Marty
Registration - Thomas reported 14 Rotarians present..
Dick- As always happy to be here.
Michael-  Daughter introducing new boyfriend. Must be on best behavior.
Katherine- Anticipating arrival of second grandchild any day now.
Sandy- Shared some hockey stories
Roger- Has some ew name badges. Encouraged members to wear them.
Clarence- Daughter in Toronto has been without water for 2 weeks due to frozen waterline.
Thomas- Suppling water to neighbor due to frozen line
Bob- Wonderful annual ski trip with family to New Hampshire.
Bill- A win,a loss and tie in last 3 curling games
There was no speaker for this meeting. Chairman Bob lead a discussion on fund raising and the need to find fundraiser to replace Grimsby Antique Show. Members should pass on suggestions to Bob and Drew.
Don has developed program to end of April and is working on program to end of May.