Past President Jeanette chaired the meeting
 Registrar's report: 
Jeanette  reported 20 members present  -  plus guest speaker  Naomi Barrens

     Jeanette  -
              -   Wayne needs a cheque for the Lincoln Rotary Golf  day  June 9th  deadline May  15th
                  Outbound Student, Nick, going to Switzerland  -
      Drew  - Has Club Runner set up  -Is willing to help any and all who need help accessing the program. 
The Grapevines will be there and not through regular e-mails.   Drew will help set up your password for more private Club info.   Just ask - he is very willing to help.  
Friends and inactive rotarians who normally get the Grapevine will be told how to receive the bulletin.

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Jim 
    Sharon - wishing the curling team going to Scotland good luck - Chas, Wayne, Dick, and Bill. 
     George  - going to boil up some maple syrup  - (not as easy as that sounds)
     Marty - Did a eulogy at  his Mom's funeral   - It was a good chance for family gathering though.
     Bill - had cataract surgery  and was still able to curl.
     Bob - Gas costs very high - Offered lawn chairs for those who want to enjoy some heat
      Drew - This is the first day of spring  -  what happened  ?
     Roger -happy for a big comeback today in curling
                 Former exchange student, Doreen,   is doing well
    Gerry  - is stopping at McDonalds on the way home after the  ?!?&#  meal here
    Sandy - helped Peter celebrate a birthday
    Jeanette  This is National Fresh Air Day
    Thomas - Enjoyed Cabaret  at Theatre Aquarius .
    Jim M.   Golf season opening April 1st  ( in your dreams )
    Jim H.  called for jury duty
      Drew introduced  Naomi Barrens, Past President of the Grimsby Chamber of Commerce.
       Naomi gave a very enthusiastic presentation about establishing an Incubator Hub in Grimsby.  She has the support of the C of C; GEDAC and the DIA.  The plan would be to establish a resource center for new and established businesses to help them in their venture.  A key part would be a mentoring  plan with mentors being successful retired  business persons who have  "been there; done that".    They have good moral support from such centers in St. Catharines and elsewhere including the Colleges and universities as well as the government.   Naomi noted that many Rotarians could provide this mentoring service.        Naomi was thanked by Pam  with a donation to Polio Plus in Naomi's name.  

Future Programs

Coming events :
       May 1     Paul Harris Fellowship Awards Night
        May 16  Rotary Club of Grimsby's birthday  ( # 38)
       June 9  - Rotary Club of Lincoln's golf Day
       June  13 -15  Grimsby Antique Show