President Wayne opened the Meeting

President Wayne welcomed Marilyn Whiteside and Jim Powell as new members. He advised that  Marilyn would be Inducted tonight and Jim P would be induced at a later date following his Fireside Chat with Charles.
President Wayne advised that there is now a full slate of Officers for 2014 with Jim Howden joining the board as Vice President.
Sandy advised that the Spouses night on March 27th has been postponed as many Rotarians are away curling in Aberdeen Scotland or will be attending Community Livings’ open house. The speaker , Dave Dryden from Sleeping Children Around the World ,will be rescheduled to June.
There were 18 members present and 2 new members 
Charles advised that he had the Fireside Chat with Marilyn before the meeting and was pleased to Induct Marilyn into Rotary.  Marilyn advised that she was pleased to be joining and looked forward to getting involved with fund raising activities.  All members joined in welcoming Marilyn to the club.

Jerry - Missed meeting last week as he had dozed off at home.
Shirley - Pleased that Jim M had stepped up at last moment to be register as she had been delayed at another function in the hotel.
Marilyn – Glad to be a member
Jim H – Happy to see kids out playing on the snowbanks after the recent storm.
Sandy – Thanked the Club and individual members for donating funds to buy much needed supplies and equipment in support of Starfish Nicaragua project which she delivered on her recent trip.
Jeanette - Was in Mexico last week
Wayne- Had his motorbike out for a spin on one of the nice days.
Charles - Son Scott is vacationing in Dominion Republic allowing Charles to  skip workouts .
Katherine – Just back from 2 weeks in Maui. Busy at work staffing for the summer season and the new Zip Line .
Jim M  - Thanked Sandy for efforts in organizing upcoming Paul Harris award dinner
George – Mentioned that Marty’s Mother passed away.
Donna – playing tennis again.
Pam – Daughter is still doing well. Twins expected early April
Drew- Survived last week without Lauren who was away in Palm Desert.  Son-In Law and Daughter sold eco house so they are off to Dominion Republic for Holiday. Drew is joining them.
Dick- Only grandson did very well on US National exams and has been offered full university scholarship plus living expenses. 
Bill – Scottish Curler, Matt Maddock, recently passed away. Very well known to the curlers .
Jim P – Happy to have new black lab puppy in the house. Rescued from the SPCA.
Roger- Happy that a Toronto Doctor was able to defend the Canadian Health Care system when presenting at a US Senate hearing on the US health care system.
Drew introduced   Corrie Kellestine , Media Relations Director of the Bruce Trail Conservancy Niagara Club.
Niagara Club is one of the nine clubs making up the Bruce Trail.
Niagara Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with events planned throughout the year.
The Niagara portion of the trail starts at Queenston and winds it way along the Niagara escapement and ends in Grimsby.  
There is an end- to- end walk of the 81Km trail Niagara Portion of  trail planned for May 24th.
The total length of the Bruce trail is 885 KM plus 400KM of side trails from Queeston to Tobermory.  All maintenance of the trails is volunteered.
The nine clubs have 8,700 members with 1,200 volunteers. There are also fifteen full time staff .
No government support is received and all projects are supported by donations.
The first agreement with landowners was in 1962 and the Bruce Trail was officially opened in 1967.  
Half the trails are on private lands and the path of the trails can change due to change of ownership and development. The Map binder of the trails is updated every 2 years and can be purchased at bookstores or pulled down from the web site.
Bruce Trail Conservancy now acquires land from donations of lands and purchased to ensure Bruce Trail is permanently secured.
Family membership is $50.00 per year.
Marshall thanked the speaker for the presentation.

Grapevine prepared by Jim H