Rotary Moto for 2013-2014- Engage Rotary-Change Lives

President Wayne opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence for the three RCMP officers killed in Moncton

Registrar’s Report:  Will reported 22 Rotarians plus two visiting Rotarian, one from the Stoney Creek and one from Rotary Club of Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa.


Ron Stevens from the Stoney Creek club asked members to purchase a raffle ticket in their 2nd Annual Harley-Davidson Motorcyle Raffle to the draw to be held on June 14th. 

Jim Howden advised that he had been asked by Grant, who was out of town, to pass around pledge sheets for the Community Living “Walking for Inclusion” event to be held on Saturday June 7th at Charles Daley Park. Members generously donated $200 to the event.

Sandy advised that she still had a few time slots to fill for the Grimsby Antique Show to be held weekend of June 14th.

President Wayne advised that he had new pins for Charles, Grant, George and Drew for introducing new members to Rotary.

President Wayne confirmed that there would be a meeting on June 12th, despite the Gas event being held on the weekend.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Will Wood

Will – Had a great vacation with his wife. It was the first time in 17 years without children. 

Don- Recalled that one year ago he was in France with his daughter at the site of the D-day landings.  Friday, June 6th is the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy in France and can recall the event as a young lad growing up in Sask.

Sandy- watched Leaders’ debate with 12 year old grandson. Grandson not impressed.

Jeanette – Reported that our Out- Bound student on the Rotary Exchange is very excited to be going and most thankful to Rotary for being given the opportunity.

Gerry- Spend some time on Golf course and is the reason he was late for meeting.

Jim H – Had first lawn bowling lesson. 

Donna– Played tennis 4 times this week. 

Clarence- Busy sand blasting his pool.

Bill- Reunion with his 1990 Scottish Curling team. Reported that team members  look older!

Jim M – Had a golfing story.

Roger- Noted that we had a good attendance out at the Rotary at Noon Paul Harris award night. It was a great evening.

Bob M- Has finished his gardening sabbatical. 

Michael- Daughter is now in Budapest, Hungary.

Wayne- feels that his party won the leaders’ debate.


Marshall introduced Dez Jansen, Rotary Member from Cape Town, South Africa and Chief Operating Officer of Vuya Foundation.

Speaker provide an overview of the economic conditions in the Western Cape which has a population of 5.8 million with 37.5% living in absolute poverty on an average income of $1.25 per day. The unemployment rate is 24.1% with a total of 56.8% below the poverty line. 73.4% have access to running water and 84.7% has access to electrical power. On the other hand, there are areas of great wealth.

Dez indicated that the Vuya Foundation is often a spring-board to a new life for people living in a rural community. The Vuya Foundation is a non-profit company that has a focus on early childhood development, skills development, social entrepreneurship with a focus on women and small business development for impoverished adults. The Vuya Foundation can have a huge positive impact on an impoverished community. 

The foundation must raise donations to fund their activities.  Dez presented a video detailing the activities of the Foundation. This video can be viewed at


Pam thanked the Speaker and acknowledged the work that the Foundation was doing to improve the life of disadvantaged people living in rural communities.