Rotary Club of Grimsby
Grapevine June 4, 2015
 Linda Arbuckle as registrar reported 19 members of the Rotary Club of Grimsby present plus our exchange student Joanne and speaker from Niagara Parks Commission who were introduced later.
President Bob announced:
Bob asked members to stay after the meeting for a  organization session for our new
fundraising effort: Rotary Annual Garage Sale (RAGS)
Sergeant-at-Arms, Marty
Jim H, just back from a great trip to France and Spain
Don, Bill picked  up the ball for Adopt a Road
Sharon, daughter announced her engagement
Clarence, great weather for golf and baseball
Sandy, appreciative of her gardener
Joanne, has 2 bags packed, unfortunately both overweight
Thomas, needs volunteers for Peach-bud race
Jeanette, found great Fresh Air hosts in Mark and Karen Bridges
Arby, 2 year old granddaughter playing soccer
Linda L, has best volunteer job for Pan-Am Games
Bill, enjoyed the Stratford Golf tournament with Fred and Drew
Donna is babysitting plants from the Garden Club sale for RAGS
Mike, happy Clarence doesn’t snore too loudly
Grant, enjoyed first Strawberry from his garden
Katherine, Colin involved in music in Los Angeles
Bob, winding down on shipping plants, winding up on gardening
Marty enjoyed comparing notes with Rotarians from clubs
Katherine introduced Michael Goodale who after retiring as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport has become a Niagara Parks Commissioner.  Michael talked about the history of the commission, recent activities and future attractions.
The Niagara Parks Commission is a self-financed agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism,
Culture & Sport.  All the Niagara Parks attractions, like Journey Behind the Falls and the Whirlpool Aero Car, and beautiful gardens like Oakes Garden Theatre are owned and operated by Niagara Parks.
The Niagara Parks Commission was established in 1885 to control the lands and buildings immediately surrounding the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
It has grown to own and maintain over 1325 hectares of parkland along the entire length of the Niagara River, stretching 53 km (36 miles) from Fort Erie in the south to Niagara-on-the-Lake in the north.
It is set up like a city within a city, with its own police services, road maintenance, waste collection and all other services needed to sustain it’s extensive operations. During the height of the tourist season, Niagara Parks employs over 1,700 staff: approximately 300 full-time and 1,400 seasonal hires.
 Niagara Parks receives no government financing – it raises revenues through gift shops, golf courses, restaurants, attractions and parking lots.
Niagara Parks uses the revenues it raises in part to provide numerous FREE activities and facilities for the enjoyment of our visitors from around the world, FREE concerts and Fireworks throughout the summer special festive lighting during the popular Winter Festival of Lights, November to January each year, thousands of floral displays, including the Niagara Parks
Botanical Gardens, Floral Clock, the scenic Niagara Parkway and the accessible Niagara River Recreation Trail, that connect our parkland, conservation areas, boat launches, covered picnic pavilions and picnic tables, children’s playgrounds.
This year they have hosted the Rendez-vous Canada Tourism Showcase and expect an influx of visitors from the Pan-Am Games. 
In 2016 the addition of new Zip Line attractions will open including one from Clifton Hill to the Base of the Falls.
Jeanette thanked Michael and presented him with a certificate for the Club’s donation to Polio