Registrar's report :   Clarence reported  22 members present
                                  Guests - Terry Cotswell and David Furry ( Rotary Club of Lincoln)  plus our speaker, Linda Coglin  

     Wayne     Club Assembly  and Budget  June 26th
                     presented Grant with a membership sponsor pin
  Jeanette  - District 7090  is hosting 30 exchange students for 2014-15; 2 Clubs need help hosting; we will host a boy from Argentina (at no cost to our Club !!) ; Jeanette and 2 others will host 
                         She needs more hosting help - please volunteer
Terry  -   Rotary Club of Lincoln has their annual Wing Ding at Charles Daly Park July 18 - 20.  He would volunteers from our Club to assist - contact Wayne if interested

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Shirley
     Did all members vote ?  - " shame on those who didn't"

     Clarence -   Has finished a couple of projects at home
     Roger -  Grant and Sandy and Roger have the arena set up for the show  - Well done !!
      Jim M.  - new " granddaugher" in the barn
      Jim P.  Has a "real" granddaughter
     Bill - He and Elaine celebrated their 45th Anniversary
     Grant  -  a good weekend in  Montreal
     Terry - thanked those who played in their successful golf Tournament
     Harry  -  is in the pig and deer business - he now has 100 sows and bucks
     Pam - Good visit from Grandchildren
     Don  - enjoyed golf day at Lincoln's tournament
     Jeanette  - off to  guess where  again
Linda - was to funeral of Dean Allison's Dad
     Sandy  -  Adrian and Beth reported that Beth's Mom has Cancer surgery
     Katherine - Niagara Parks tourism is open and wants visits

 Program :     Sandy introduced Linda Coglin,  chief guru of Loving Arms - her 4th visit to us.
                    Linda started Loving Arms in 2007 and now has 18 teams go to Guatemala each year
                         They provide water filters, schools, farming methods, greenhouses, literacy, clothes, etc.  for impoverished peoples in the mountains of Guatemala.  Guatemala has 14 million people, 80 % of which are indigineous, and 50 %
                         of those are under 14.    The water filters which we help provide with our donations cost around $ 240.00 but are very effective - each home gets one as well as the school.  Linda has asked for more help  but also for
                         volunteers to go on the teams  to help instruct the peoples in our areas of expertise.  
                        Linda thanked us for her ongoing support.
                    Chas thanked our speaker for her presentation and her dedicated work
                     Sandy presented Linda with our donation.
  Future Programs
June 19   -Dave Dryden  - Sleeping children
     June 26   - Club Assembly and Budget
     July  3  - Past President's BBQ  at Bob Martin's home

Bill Hughes, Editor