Jim Howden recorded Grapevine for June 11,2015
Grapevine June 11,2015
Jeanette as register reported 19 members present plus our exchange student Joanne.
Sargeant-at-Arms, Marty
Katherine- Niagara Parks off to a strong start. looks like a strong tourist season with the Pan Am games.
Sharon- Played a couple of holes of golf with Tracy Lewis at Manulife LPGA . Tracy drove ball 260 yards off tree
Alan- Celebrated 48th wedding anniversary
Roger- Son taken on building new dock at cottage.
Jeanette- Will have son home from Montreal for a few days.
Shirley- attended grandchild's grade 8 graduation. Briefed club on Jim M progress.
Donna- plants saved from Garden Club's plant sale still alive. Will be sold at Garage sale.
Bob- reported that it is not expected to rain for Garage sale.
Jim- Feeling great after surgery 2 weeks ago.
Marty- Reported that Dick is having great time in South Carolina
Michael introduced speaker, Gail Phones of Buy -a-Net Charity via video conference. This is a charity that is supported by Grimsby Rotary Club.  Gail Phones updated the club on its work in Uganda. This charity focus is on the relief and protection against leading diseases, such as Malaria , affecting mothers and their children in Uganda through education,bed nets and medicines. They operate in partnership with local community groups.
Sandy thanked the Speaker.