Bill Hughes recorded the minutes and has written them for this weeks Grapevine
 Registrar's report :   Dick  reported  19 members present
                                  Guest  of Linda   :  Luba Kapuza  - Belarus student supported by the Arbuckle's and us.
                                  Regrets   - Clarence, Drew, Marty, George, Donna  ( what about the others ?)

   Bob - presented a sponsorship pin to Jim H.  for his sponsored new member -Jim Powell
           -  D.G.  Jack Amico  visit is Aug. 14     Please attend to support your Board.
             Dues for 2014-15  are now due  ( editors note  should be a price increase Aug. 1st ??)
  Sandy  -   Remember Chico's evening Aug.7th   meet at 5 PM  for market "tour" ; dinner at Chico's 8 PM ; spousal night  Contact Jim M. for numbers attending
  Wayne  -  Community Living Bonspiel  Aug. 9th  12:30 shotgun start  $ 85.00   contact Wayne         
  Bob  - Meeting of Sept. 11th  for fundraising  discussion   Bring ideas !!

Sergeant-At-Arms:  highlights
  Harry  Enjoyed King Lear at Stratford
   Arby  glad to have Luba with us
   Luba  Very pleased to be here  she is in 3rd year at University
   Jeanette  -  2 buses with 65 Fresh Air kids from New York have arrived
  Bob  - enjoyed judging the wings at the WingDing
  Sandy  -  Peter delighted to receive their third Trillium Award
  Katherine  Paul has been declared as cancer free
 Dhas - worried about the cottage for Scot's bachelor party
  Jim P. - Son has cut the lawn  twice  what's next  ?
  Sharon  - is off on a holiday

Program :    
   Grant  introduced Linda - our returning member
     Linda grew up in East Hamilton - her Mother was born in Scotland and her Dad in St. Catharines.
    Linda  went to Delta High and took accounting at Niagara College.
    Linda and Fred were married in 1974 ( 40th Anniversary in October)  and they have 2 children  and an adopted son who is now 11 years old.  The Arbuckles have lived in Nanticoke and Spruce Grove, AB,  before settling in this area . Linda stayed home to raise the "kids" and then worked for H.R. Block, Fortinos, Revenus Canada for 17 years and currrently works in M.P Dean Allison'e office since 2009.   She tried retiring but went back ro work. Fred retired at the  end on May.   Arby joined the Rotary Club of Lincoln in 1998 and Grimsby in 1999. 
  Marshall thanked Linda for her 2nd Classification ralk.     Welcome back Linda !!
  Future Programs
   July 31   Katherine Curran's Classification talk
    August  7  Farmer's Market and CIBO's for dinner
     August 14  -Disrtrict Governor Jack Amico's visit