Registrar's report :   Jim H.  reported  18 members present
                                  Guests -  Mike Jenkins ( who did not stay)   and Emily Thompson, our speaker

* Mike Jenkins, Rotary Club of Lincoln    -   Rotary Club of Lincoln has their annual Wing Ding at Charles Daly Park July 18 - 20.  He would volunteers from our Club to assist -  and passed out signs, posters and brochures for us to distribute.  contact Wayne if interested.
* Bob  - insists that anyone dealing with the exchange students or any other youth  MUST  have a police check at least every 2 -3 years   contact Roger for details
* Thomas  - Proud to present his granddaughter, Kirsten, with a Paul Harris Fellowship   (see Thomas's e-mail for her wonderful qualifications !!)
* Drew  - Has established a qualification system for charities receiving  our donations
               - Darsh Mongia in his will has given our Club  $ 1,000.  - we will use it to renovate the Town Clock  and his name inscribed on it.  Darsh was a member of our Club and the Grimsby @ Noon Rotary Club
               -  Driving Range ( formerly Darsh's)  now owned by Monica Davis and she has offered to help us with fundraisers and gave out 2 for 1 coupons
              - August 7th - spouses night  - meet at CIBO's , "tour" the Grimsby Farmers Market  and  have dinner at CIBO's

    Jim M.  - sat in the "bitch " seat
    Sandy  - a nice letter from Agathe  - needs some translation ?
   Bob  - is attending a greenhouse growers show in Columbus, OH,  some 12,000 growers attend
   Clarence and Marty -  are busy babysitting
   Jim H.  -  glad the garden tour is over
  Jim M.  dog has stopped chewing the dryer vent   ( no details given)
   Many members thanked Bob for hosting the Past Presidents BBQ 
     Drew introduced Emily Thompson who is the Project Director for the West Niagara Second Stage Housing
    She outlined that the goals that we all have   - Family, Housing and Hope .      Emily gave us some sad statistics  on West Niagara . They have provided for  130  people in Grimsby, West Lincoln and Lincoln in the past year.  86 % are violence against women.  The estimate that only 22 % of cases are reported  and the "victim" must file any complaints. The WNSS has 4 apartments  ( confidential)  for use and are busy.  The victims are there for 4 - 6 weeks and are provided with free care and counselling.    She reminds us that there are no excuses for abuse  - drinking, money, etc.   They have  a staff of 4 counsellors who work half time. They of course rely on donations from the public.  The provincial government provides some and the municipalities provide some  ( Grimsby leads the pack locally with a miserly $ 1,500  !!  Emily thanked us for our donation and support.
 Jim H. thanked Emily with a certificate of a donation to Polio Plus in Emily's name.
  Future Programs
    July 17   Rotary Medallists
    August  7  Farmer's Market and CIBO's for dinner
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Please find your own spare  ( a trade works !!)  and notify Jim H. and Bob

Rregrets for absences are appreciated by the Board.