Bill Hughes reported on the Jan. 29, 2015 meeting
President Elect  Clarence McCloskey chaired the meeting
 3 members sent regrets due to illness  Drew, Jim H. and Don  Get better guys !!
Registrar Grant reported  20 people in attendance including guests -  Our Exchange student,  Joanne, Paul and Linda Murphy, Elaine Hughes, Linda Libronte,  and our speaker - Debbie Zimmerman
   Sandy relayed a letter from OOMAMA thanking us for our support
   Clarence reported that a potential member night is coming soon  - no one knew the date. Please consider whom you could invite.   Of course new members may be brought out any time.   Please note the procedure for new members that Roger e-mailed to us last week.
Sergeant-at-Arms - Harry
   Donna enjoys watching the Aussie Open  - All Canadians are out now.
   Sandy - Soon a "big" trip to Australia
   Katherine  - just bck from Australia    ( is there a theme  here ? )
   Debbie  enjoying retirement from politics  ( did anyone invite her to join Rotary ?)
   Paul  pleased o be invitd
   George, Sharon  and Roger were happy to win th "F'" event at the CanAm in Kingston.  The other Grimsby Team won 2 games however so are still # 1.  (Well done though).
    Clarence says he is recovering from a cold or the flu.      He also reports that Mike is on the mend from his surgery.
    Harry - enjoyed CNN's version of the big storm in NYC.
    Katherine introduced Debbie Zimmerman  - Debbie has been councillor for Grimsby, Regional Representative for the Region including 2 terms as Regional Chair   and has been CEO of the Grape  Growers of Ontario for at least 12 years.    Debbie's Father, Murray Roy, was a charter member of our Club and served for many years.
    The Ontario grape growers  contribute some 3.8 Billion dollars to the Ontario economy. They have 17,000 acres in vineyards in Ontario.  Ontrario.  VQA wines account for only 20 % of the wine sales in Ontario - a figure Debbie stresses should be much higher due to the quality of the wines now.  There are currently 180 wineries in hte Niagara Region.  The LCBO has a unfavourable attitude about Canadian wines and is in effect supporting wineries from other countries. The Provincial government is now looking at changes to the LCBO so hopefully their policies will improve for Ontario grapes and wine.  There are trade barriers also across interprovincial boundaries which must come down. 
  The "polar vortex" from the 2013-14 winter caused a drop from 80,000 tons to 50,000 in 2014.   Ontario and the Niagara Region has a very special climate for grapes but does have some weather issues.  Our vineyards especially on the bench of the escarpment are producing  some of  the best Chardonnays and Reislings in the world.  
   The VQA logo on he bottles means the the grapes all come from Ontario.   "Cellared in Ontario"  covers wines made partially from imported grapes or juices so are not purely Ontario grapes in the wines. .    Ice Wine is a brand name restricted to grapes picked frozen on the vines before processing. .  No other  method is allowed to use that term.   
   There is no grape juice produced in Ontario.  Grapes for juice is exported to the US. 
   Debbie was thanked by Wayne and the Club made a donation to Polio Plus in her name.
Duty Roster    Registration,   Invocation, Speaker Intro   Speaker Thank  Grapevine
    Feb. 5  -          Pam              Roger            Gerry           Katherine C.          Jim H.
     Feb. 12         Jim M.            Katherine F.    Thomas        Don                       Bill   
Editors note:    As a long time member, I am very very pleased to see other and newer members stepping up and accepting  positions on the Board.    We have a great Club and this is an indication of our strength.  At one time a Board position was a 2 year term.   It would be great to get back to that policy !!     Bringing in new members would greatly strengthen our Club.    There are lots of good people out there and maybe all they need is to asked. 
See you next week 
Bill Hughes, Editor.