Bill Hughes reported on the February 26, 2015 meeting
President Elect Clarence chaired the meeting.
Invocation  Donna
Registration  :George reported 17 members present
Liz Cones, wife of former charter member, Dr. Chris Cones, has passed away.   
Wayne  Paul Harris Dinner    April  23rd at Luina Gardens
Drew -  Brenda Rouse of  the Rotary Club of London announced they are celebrating their 100th anniversary   - Speaker is the International R.I. President
Sergeant-At-Arms  Jim H. 
     Donna enjoyed Rotary curling in Guelph with her Tour Team mates
     Roger  questioned the scoring in Guelph
     Jeanette  son applying for music at Yale
     Drew  rekindled a friendship from over 50 years
     Wayne  going to Mexico
     George  going to Mexico
     Katherine   - 2 weeks left in wait for a grandchild
     Bill  enjoyed curling and was sorry to hear of Liz Cones' death
     Joanne  dreamed she was married to Johnny Depp
     Clarence  - enjoyed skiing in North Conway, NH
     Ron Stephenson, Rotary Club of Stoney Creek, happy he is not selling tickets this visit
     Arby - going to  Cuba
Program   :
       Drew introduced  8 of our recipient charities for which we make donations.  
1. Community Care of West Niagara  Bev. Reimer   and Kate Wood
      Their service is helping with abuse cases,   legal aid, housing, mental issues, hook up for Youth
       They recently did the 2nd annual " Coldest Night of the Year Walk  - 70 participants raised $14,000 dollars
2. Royal Canadian Air Cadets 52nd squadron - Dave Leonard 
        They stress leadership, citizenship, and fittness. Their motto is "Learn to serve to advance"
         They have a very busy schedule   and need $ 90 -120,000 dollars
         The squadron were the security at our Festival of Art  
3. Special Olympics  Kevin Bigelow 
          Special Olympics   started by JFK's sister Eunice Schriver.
          There are 30,000 kids in Ontario including 60 locally    
          The local team won silver in Ontario  curling . and participate in sking figure skating  and soon golf if they can find enough volunteers.
4. West Niagara Second Stage Housing    - Emily Thompson
        They help shelter women after their 1st stage of need.  They helped some 130 women last year.  with 4 apartments
        They help with counselling, budgeting and abuse ( it is not the abused person's fault). 
         They have  a golf Tournament  ad a mask ball as fundraisers
5. Wet Niagara Adult Learning Center  Karen   Schmidt
        They provide  schooling and training  people to   speak and read.
         Their motto is Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope
 6.   Grimzby Life Center   Liza Heuving   
      they had 263 clients last year
       Their service waz started by  the Grimsby Ministerial Association and now has growen immensely
7. Janet Cannon  Grimsby Museum 
        Their programs have grown  and have a very extenzive program
8. McNally House   Kimberly Hughes
         They have  a new bereavement service  Die-allogue  with 40 people at their first one at Station One
  Clarence thanked our speakerz and Drew for arranging this program. 
Next week  our exchange student     Gabo
Editor Bill Hughes